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suzi finer

...and they would charge $50.00+ for your clever piece at the shops around here!


Miss Charlotte, every time I pop into your blog I see one of your thrift store treasures and am instantly jealous of both your creative eye AND your thrift stores. We had a huge goodwill that I loved in Washington - and my little town has nothing close to that kind of thrift store. Which, when I think about it is very odd, considering the amount of junk I see piled on some of the porches around here...Hm, maybe that's the problem? I need to go treasure-hunting in people's yards...


This has always been one of my favorites. My decoupaged plate, created by you, never gets put away either.


stunning - I'm inspired! it looks like a found antique. Cx

Stephanie Howell

What a beautiful project. I also love the bird plate that is linked. Gosh, you are so good!!


This is a wonderful I know why I have been saving all those Christmas cards for years.
Thank you for the tutorial.


Hi Charlotte! I think I may have finally turned the corner, I hope I hope, and feel a bit less yucky today. WAHOO!

Your plate is so charming, now I'll have to keep my eye open for some glass plates to play with. & I see I have lots more news and fun stuff to catch up on and enjoy.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


What a wonderful project! And your results are lovely. I am going to be on the lookout for glass plates now!

Kerri  N.

Hi Charlotte! I love the picture of the angel collage. Any chance that will be a kit you sell?

Kerri Norrod

Mockingbird Hill

Oh sheesh...another project I must try and another thing I must add to my thrifting list! This is just wonderful and with 5 grandkids...what a good "Mommy & Daddy Present" project this would be...

Thanks for being so generous with your ideas and talent!



Charlotte, thanks for reminding me how much I used to love to decoupage plates. I love how you always bring out the good old basic crafts with a twist. What's better than your houses and card holder with cereal boxes and paper. Please keep them coming!
I just finished my new cottage kit, and LOVE it!!

Daisy Cottage

Hi Miss Charlotte!
That is absolutely beautiful!
And I want you to know that I was just admiring again your special heart ornament that you sent me last year as it hangs on my tree! I truly cherish it!
Enjoy your girls and your time together as they return to your nest.. my little birdie is on her way home today.


i love to do this to plates...never thought of doing it for Christmas is simply beautiful...i may give my holiday fudge in these this yeari hope this finds you well and warm this morning...blessings, rebecca


Such a stunning idea, it does look lovely , thanks for sharing!


I love this project. Just beautiful. I'll have to try somethign like this in the new year.

Happy holidays!

Deryn Mentock

I'm in love with your decoupaged pieces! I'm having a visions of my tree, covered with these little plates, attached with vintage plate hangers...

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