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Oh Charlotte, stay safe and warm. I have never been in an ice storm before, it sounds so scary. Have a lovely quite Sunday. Clarice


sounds dreamy...

those are the cutest ornament boxes! i really love the snowman with the pink hat...

have fun decorating!

:) laura

ps thank you for introducing me to silver bella...

Kimberly C.

Oh my, it sounds like a yummy day!


Thank you so much Charlotte! I just returned home from a short trip to the wonderful kit you sent. We are housebound today as well with a furious windstorm whipping up the trees and beating our windows. The dining room table is all ready for me to make my Christmas card holder. I will be thinking of you and yours as I cut and glue and glitter. Happy Holidays to you!


Charlotte, visually, you can make the mornings so pleasant. Thank you for your sweet commentary. It's a restful blessing. Carol R


I'm so glad to hear you're all safe and tucked in, dry and cozy Charlotte. (This So. Cal. native (weather wuss), gets all shivery just reading about ice and sleet. Brrrrrrr.) What a super hubby you have to venture out and get the tree by himself.

I love your ornament boxes your darling girls made for you, so precious. & I so love that you have a tradition of crafting together.

Happy Holidays!

Stephanie Howell

Sounds so cozy!
Here is is yucky and Texas-y and we all have allergies.
I'll be imagining I'm there instead ;).

julie (jane's apron)

I was re-visiting a favorite Christmas book last night (hmm...wonder which one?) and saw that same little lined ornament box


How cute is that little snowman with the pink pea coat??? :) Simply adorable!!! Enjoy your snow, we're still in flip flops over here in California ;) (p.s... your designs are doing quite well in my shop! Everyone asks if I made them out of my old sweaters... I'm very flattered that they think I'm THAT crafty and creative! hehe!)


sounds beautiful - and how come other people's coffee brewing sounds so attractive? I'm sure coffee never tastes as good in the UK as it does in the US - must be the atmosphere! cute boxes too.


Now I don't feel so badly.. if Charlotte Lyons just put up her tree then I'm not as behind as I thought. :) Stay warm!! We got hit with oodles of snow over the weekend.


I think you chose the best option staying in safe and warm. I've been reading about the terrible snow and ice storms that have been hitting over on your side of the Atlantic. Here in London it is bitterly cold and I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some snow which would be rare this side of Christmas. Love the ornament boxes. I think home made decorations are the best. When I put my tree up I was tempted to leave it not bare, but with just the lights, but in the end all my lovely decorations were just too tempting and had to go up. Keep warm and safe.

Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Charlotte, You could have pulled those thought right out of my head. The wind, the tree, (although I sent both husband and son out to get one), the weird perfectness of it. The best part, getting to stay in and sip the coffee. Susan

jillian rosefielde

Hi Charlotte,

Last week was so busy for me and I didn't get a chance to thank you for a great class at Tinsel. I loved your projects and enjoyed meeting the other new crafters. By the way, my cat, Charlie, loved the little felt house. He got it down from where it was hanging and started playing with it and dunking it into his water bowl. Now it's his. He's such a lovable rascal. I'm wishing you and yours a most happy and joyous holiday and new year! xoxo, Jillian


Thank you for sharing this little piece of your world with heart is now warm and cozy, as I hope you are during this winter chill!

Erin Lyons

Um, yes - I have to say that those ornament boxes do rock. :)


Snowed in with coffee & crafts sounds pretty perfect. Happy [white] Christams!


Oh how cozy. This time of the year it is wonderful being snowed ins For me, it doesn't feel quite as cozy in March when we have had enough!

Missy Sue Hanson

It doesn't get much better than being snowed in with coffee and crafts! That's what my weekend consisted of as well! ;)

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Alicia P.

"He watched me tiptoe around with another cup of coffee, looking so un-ready to do much more than gaze out the wintry window, like everyone else."


Pah! I can totally see this, somehow, you poor thing. What a nice hubs to not make you have to explain. Merry Christmas, you guys -- xo, a

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