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oh yeah!!! I kit would be so wonderful!!!


I love felted stuff. I made the blanket from felted sweaters that is in your book and just love it. I also knitted a purse and wanted a lining for it and used a felted sweater for that too. Thanks for sharing your marvelous creativity with us.

julie collings

such a fabulous purse! i am sure i could spend days wandering through that store. . .
happy new year wishes, julie

Judy Grubbs

Please more kits!


This is soooo cute...yes, a kit would be perfect for those of us living afar~ Happy New Year, Laurie~


Oh I just love this post, Charlotte! I can smell the paste-in-a-tub-with-a-plastic-spatula-brush-thingy right now!! xoxo

Carol Eldridge

and as much as we enjoy making these creative items, it is oh so wonderful to know that someone else out there appreciates and likes them as well as we do...

it is called creative to Atlanta..
catch you later,



it is a blessing to experience i made this feeling...i love felted purses...this is wonderful all right...hugs, rebecca

ellen Crimi-Trent

Hi Charlotte,
I would love to see a close up of the bag, I cannot see the cute pot of flowers well or maybe it's my eyes from working too much. Very cute, I have got to try this felting, it looks like soo much fun.



What a pretty felted lavender bag.

I've only just discovered felting. I love the look of it. Even though I haven't made anything yet, I'm excited about the possibilities.

Happy New Year!


I would love to see more kits from you!!
~Cerri xoxo


Hi there, I'm not sure how I found you, but I'm so glad I did. I don't knit or sew, but I love the felted bag -- so cute! What I really related to, though, was that your little story about falling in love with your work when you were a kid. I used to do that all the time! I haven't done anything really creative in too long -- but you've inspired me to start, just to get that feeling again. Many thanks!

Heather - Speckled Egg

Hi Charlotte!
This purse looks lovely! I can't wait to see your kit for it! I had such fun putting together the last one!


Kerri  N.

The felt bag is just so cute! I would love it if you made it into a kit.



Hey, I loved this piece. But my heart sank a little when I realized it is not titled "Mrs. Clutter" as I had at first read it... I thought you were talking to me.
xox D


Cute bag! And I completely relate to the emotions you described that come as a result of making something. It completely energizes me to make something I'm happy with. And I do look at the finished project over and over and find great joy in that. :)


First I create for me then I am inspired when my work is admired...I did not mean to rhyme.
Your bag is wonderful...I am checking my schedule to see if I can attend...I live 2 hours from NYC...I love that :) Perhaps I will see you there.

Cathy Scalise

Charlotte, I love the little tote. It's absolutely wonderful.

Miss Sandy

You revived some happy art memories for me. I agree, there is nothing like the satisfaction of making something with your hands.


yes yes kit kit kit... Happy New year to you! LindaSonia

Heidi Kaisand

I would love to learn how you made this bag. I'm addicted to wool!


Oh, a kit would be divine! That is soooo pretty! I love your designs!


Hi Charlotte,
Just found you today via MEHC magazine. Wonderful stuff! Looks like we have a similar interest in felted wool. I will visit again!


Yes please a kit. I am working on my peace collage right now. Love it! Jan

Julie G. Baxley

Charlotte, I loved how this post took me right back to 5th grade art and writing class. Our artwork was displayed around the room, and our writing practice was placed on a cork board that covered one wall of the art room. This time of year I always think about those white baker's bags we decorated for Valentine's day, to hold all those missive's of love and affection! Thanks for your nostalgic post!

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