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Denise S

Well Charlotte as someone who has never flown I am impressed with your Captain. Hope the memories are still good from the show.


Isn't that a wonderful way to end a busy trip!

Kerri  N.

What a blessing to be moved to first class! Glad you made it back safely!


What a nice story!! I am glad you had a good flight home!

French Knots

What a lovely surprise, to make up for the grotty flight down!

Kimberly C.

Charlotte, It's nice to know that nice really does matter. You obviously impressed him as a nice lady and he wanted to return the niceness. Good for you!

ellen Crimi-Trent

oh my lord Charlotte you are sooo lucky, Carol and I had a similar bumpy ride down from Boston on Friday and today we did not get first class going back!, I am jealous! I am sooo tired from market I cannot tell you and hopefully lots of good things to share soon!! Sorry I missed you at Market, hopefully next year we could have a bite to eat together! I had the worst hotel and will make sure I stay at the Ritz next time!
xo Ellen


Ha! That's a GREAT story. My Dad was in Atlanta too, he was helping out with the Italian Christmas ornaments...he said the whole thing was amazing!

Daisy Cottage

Oh how cool was THAT! What a nice pilot! And next time Miss C, you are packing ME in that suitcase because I've ALWAYS wanted to go to the Atlanta Gift Show.. you could sneak me in! ;-)

the farmers wife

That's a nice little perk. Good for you. OK - now I have to discuss that HEAVENLY BED. We stayed at a Westin in Charleston, S.C. The bed was so overwhelmingly heavenly that we looked into purchasing one the minute we got home. Unfortunately we'd just bought a bed, so the "heavenly" will wait a bit, but I'm still determined to have one.

sandy richter

Glad to hear you made your flight! After looking at your site, realized we carried quite a few of your designs. Trying to organize all my orders from the show and looking forward to starting once again the neverending cycle of product X. Hopefully, my customers comply.
Enjoyed our chat!

Carol Eldridge

Lucky you! You must have simply charmed the pilot with your adorable new felt bag! Sorry we missed you. I did see Sheila, but it was after you had already left. I was hoping to take you for a Chai tea! Maybe next time! You need to stay longer!



What a great experience! And you tell it so well.


What a wonderful story of NICE people in our busy world!!!! Thanks for sharing and glad that you had a comfy bed and such a nice trip... you saw the sunshine through the clouds!!!!


Oh, I love that story! What a happy fact, a first-class ending! :)

Alicia P.

Oh my gah. If I EVER fly again, will you come with me? That's just perfect.

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