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Maija Lepore

Oh how I wish I could be there!


I'll clean with you and take some of those goodies off your hands! :) Seriously, though, I did some cleaning big time last weekend before my MOTHER came to visit. It's gret fun once you get into it. Just remember how great it feels when you are finished! It's like the room just grew 2 feet larger!! :)

carol Eldridge

Boy do I know what you mean...I like your phrase,,,"Diet of things"...I am an avid collector as well and have mounds of things here and there, tucked under and in and around....can't help them all and always find a use for them sometime or other.

nice to know you do it too.



Hey - I'm driving in tomorrow afternoon to deliver my class samples - wanna come??

also - can you send me the code for your TT craft workshops button?


Serious about it if you want to me!

terri ventura

I'll come and help you clean your stash if you come and help me clean mine.!!!!
PLEASE the work area seems to get smaller and smaller as the days go on.:0)

Shrinking under all this stuff in Pt Washington.
or am I melting ?


I'm with Teresa, it's such a great feeling to clean up! ack...I just had my MOTHER over during the holidays and she actually "tsk, tsked" when looking into my office/studio. ouch.

Wishing you a joyous year, Charlotte,with laughter and love, and things that automatically return themselves to the right place!
xo Lidy


oooh!!! the 19th!!
i hope to be there with bells on :)

ellen Crimi-Trent

Hi Charlotte,

Happy New Year!! I like your ever changing banner! very fun to see! sounds like you have many plans up your sleeve!


Stephanie Howell

hmmm. wonder if it would be okay for a 38 weeks pregnant lady to fly to NY for a class. i'm sure my husband would be fine with it. ;) so jealous!


I feel your pain, I organize it all just to use it and "trash my stash" all over agin. I have plenty of containers and storage bins but it never seems to stay clean!!!
Creativity comes at a price!! ::)))
Wish I lived close by so I could take your classes:((


Good Luck with that, Charlotte! Wouldn't it be nice to find a magic wand first, and wave the rest of your things into submission?

My studio became a storage area over the holidays and now I've got to convert it into a dining area/usable-but-invisable craft studio. Sheesh!


I fin d the best way to clean is to throw a party....It's incentive to put stuff away and then the reward is FUN!

The Glitter Fairy

Hi Charlotte,
Happy New Year, Charlotte, and good luck with the cleaning. Am trying to dig out around here, too! My studio, at least what I an actually see of it, looks like a bomb went off! I've been trying all week to find the countertops again...then there's that pesky laundry...and the dishes...and clients who want stuff! (yes, that is a GOOD thing)
Hope our paths cross sometime this year at TT. I love your work and would love to take one of your classes.
All the best to you in 2008!
Glittery hugs,

Kerri  N.

Hi Charlotte!Happy New Year. I wish I could attend the class. Are you going to be selling kits that are a Valentine' s Day theme? I hope you do!

Kerri N


Happy New Year.
I to am in desperate need to clear things out. I feel like stuck in my own stuff!! I want to trow away a lot off things!


Let's trade stash stuff! I'll take some of yours and you take some of mine. I KNOW I will like your throw aways! LOL!

By the time you are done trying to figure out what to get rid of it will be next year so just send it my way and I'll store it for you! Now there's a great idea! My husband will love it for sure. Ha!


I like your button snowdrift against the house in your photo.
I can imagine all the artists that are doing the same as you and I out...or as in my case moving the stash from one place to another only to be repeated in January of 2009...and so it goes on and on.


Drat...wish I could attend. I just went there for the first time on Saturday, and it was like being in a beautiful dream. I had a hard time selecting what I wanted to purchase, because I wanted it all!!! I hope you will post any left-over kits you may have after the class!!!

Karen at Junking in Georgia

Sounds as though we are all in the same boat..... covered up in stuff... I can't find anything in my space either.. I need the "things diet" the food diet..I worked at getting things in some order today with more today.. good luck with it.

Karen at Junking in Georgia

sorry comment should read: with more to do


Wouldn't it be fun if we could all get together and help clean one another's space ! Kind of like a progressive dinner. Oh, my, but there is one problem ~ we'd probably all just trade with one another and then we'd still have too much stuff. Well, it was a fun idea I guess.

Tinsel Trading looks to be a great place. Here in New Mexico we don't have anything nearly like that. Almost worth making a special trip !


Oh, what fun those classes you teach must be. If I didn't work at T-Party on Saturdays, I'd be there!

Kimberly Kwan

your "diet of things" quote is simply brilliant! I believe most of our ilk suffer from the same illness, but what a glporious illness to have, if one is to suffer! :-)

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