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Charlotte Lyons is an author, teacher, and artist based in southwestern Vermont. House Wren Studio is her creative home and a resource for makers and crafters around the world.

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Thank you - I love wrens - one of my favourite birds (hence I visited your blog initially!) - in Celtic mythology they were symbolic and connected to the Druids as a sign of augury plus just the (un)coolest latin name!! Cxx

jessi nagy

lol. what a great book. it was meant to be. i love your name. and those female wrens know how to handle there mates. tee hee.'


What a cute story! I agree w/ Jessi...we {smart birds} know how to handle our mates... Have a great day!

the farmers wife

House Wren is the perfect name. It is funny how we come about these things though....scribbling madly on a pad of paper and then narrowing down the list.


What a neat book! Just out of curiosity, what is the title of it? My grandmother used to carve birds out of wood and I just happen to have the wren that she did sitting in my china cabinet.

Barbara H.

I feel bad for poor Papa Wren! But I tend to be the same way as Mama Wren -- I guess the women of the nest like it a certain way. :-)


I love this post Charlotte! I've always wondered what the genesis of your blog name was and kept forgetting to ask. And how fun are those nesting habits of wrens!


Isn't that the truth! Love the story..cute! Now can we get the Papa Wrens to CLEAN the nest? :)


What a great find, great book!
I also wondered how you chose the name of your blog


I love this post - it's a charming story about the wrens. And yes, it is all about the crooked sticks, isn't it?!

The Glitter Fairy

How sweet! Love your blog name and it fits so well. What a wonderful coincidence that that particular book turned up. And those graphics are gorgeous...would love to make a card out of them or a rubber stamp!
Congrats on cleaning up. I promise to do the same sometime this!

tea time and roses

Charlotte what a wonderful book! The illustrations are beautiful! Lovely post.



suzi finer

one of today's l.a. times' puzzle answer was "housefinch" first I was sure it was going to be "housewren" and I got all excited and thought of you (until I counted the letters!) oh well...I did get to have a good "think of you" out of the whole experience, so whatever.


I always thought House Wren Studio suited you so well that you had taken hours to come up with the exact right name. Just goes to show that intuition and spontaneity are often the best and most revealing choices.

Kimberly C.

That's so beautiful. Isn't that incredible that you found something so FITTING?


Wow, how perfect is that story!! So you and so wonderful!! :)


I love the part about tiny crooked sticks. How fun that you ran across the book...


This is the word that comes to mind with this post.
...and crooked sticks, yes.
Love the bare trees at this time of year for the patterns of the branches against the blue and grey skies.
Thanks for sharing this story.

Heather Bailey

How fantastic that she chooses a nest and then tears it apart to make a new one. Poor Father Wren. He gave it his best shot. Ah well. She's a choosy little bird. Whatever makes the Mrs. happy.

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