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Britt-Arnhild in Norway

Hi Charlotte.
I am doing a creative dance these days......starting my first altered book. I love it.


Hi Charlotte,

I love hearts in any form and when I really look around for them I guess I have accumulated several over the years too.

Several years ago my youngest son, who is now 15, made me a heart with some of that crayola modeling clay and after it dried he painted it silver and gave it to me. It was so sweet of him and a total surprise---it's a little lumpy and crooked around the edges, but I wouldn't take anything for it. I told him I'd use it as a paper weight on my desk and that's just what I did.


stay snug.



Oh, I collect HeartShapedRocks...thus my blog name...HeartRocksHome. Hearts abound. Those in nature and those that are ever present with kindnesses received and given daily by others. HeartRocksHome actually began when my husband, a Natural Resource Specialists, came home from work one day with a rock perfectly heart-shaped. His tender expression and the rock discovery took my breath away….and the name HeartRocksHome was born.
I have so enjoyed the "pieces of your heart." Thank you for sharing.

Kelly Henderson

Dear Chalotte,
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. It's always so hard to part with those who hold a special place in our hearts. I hope you find comfort.

I've wanted to let you know how much comfort and inspiration you've sent my way for the past year by your blog; the beautiful words and images have honestly kept me going. You see, I've been a dispirited designer/artist trying to make my way solo back into this art world. A few years off raising my lovely kids (4)and just when I was getting somewhere-a large licensing contract I had secured fell through due to the company moving in a new direction. My artwork was lost! And I had to start from scratch. I'm submitting again now to other companies and my fingers are crossed...
But just know, just know, you're doing a world of good through this blog. Yours was the first "art blog" I discovered and I think I know how Alice felt when she fell through that rabbit hole! I'm so inpired by this blogging world I've decided to join the club soon.... So take care and stay warm. It's snowing in Utah too. Love, Kelly

Troy Louise

Charlotte: So sorry about your dear friend. It's snowing a bit here in Reno also,I will etch a heart in it for you. I have many special hearts. Like one of your other readers my son made me a special clay one & my husband found a heart shaped shell that I treasure. Stay warm today. Hugs to you. Troy Louise


Dear Charlotte,

I'm so very sorry to hear of the passing of your beloved friend. (one of my dearest childhood friends was also a Mary Louise). Sending you lots of hugs and wishing you comfort in your memories of your dear Mary Louise.

What my sentimental pieced heart *would* be made of? Oh gosh that's a stumper.

Your post today has stirred up a lot of memories of people and places. I'm thinking it would be something woven - the intersections where hearts meet.

Yipes. today is a *thoughtful* day.

Thinking of you.



I am so sorry about the loss of your friend and I hope your memories keep you warm. My heart is made of pieces of clothing, buttons, and odd bits from my Gram and Great Gram. They are the ones that taught me to appreciate and love creating. There is a wonderful book by Donna Green, "My Little Artist" about learning to see nature through your Grandmother's eyes and that book made me cry and appreciate all I learned from my Gram. I wish you a quiet, crafty weekend with peace in your heart. Cheers.


I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. I lost my mother a year ago, and in answer to what my pieced heart would be made of, I think one of the pink sweatshirts she loved to wear...

First of all, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. There are no words that can mend a heart that is broken from loss, but I wish I could.

My sentimental pieced heart would be made from some of my husband's old uniforms. It would remind me of the feeling of hope and longing, love and dedication, commitment; but mostly it would remind me of the awe and comfort in prayers answered.

Thanks for sharing with us.

carol Eldridge

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Just keeping her memory alive in your "pierced" heart will be a nice thing for you to do for her.
We have snow here today as well, a good day to cuddle under the blankets with my Captain and watch old movies. It is peaceful, cold but pretty outside and warm and cozy inside my house.
My sentimental pieced heart could be made from anything...clay, cloth, wood, isn't the material it is made from, it is who made it for me that would make it special.

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Hi Charlotte, I have been enjoying your hearts. I actually did a month of hearts post starting in January and finishing up around Valentines day. I think that there can never be too many hearts. Susan

French Knots

Sorry for your loss. My pieced heart would be made from snippets of her clothes and pictures of my Mother, to fill the hole in my heart.

Katherine Miller

Hello Charlotte - like you I save the ephemera of life-scraps of paper and cloth which I know in my heart are just waiting to become something special once again. But I would make a heart from my daughter Phoebe's little blue blanket. It has been well loved and is so soft from wear and washing. It is quite worn around the edges...just like a human heart now that I think about it...take care, Katherine Miller


Hi there Charlotte,
First let me say I am so sorry to hear you lost a dear friend, I will be praying for your comfort and peace at this time. I lost my mom recently so I do know how hard it is to loose someone so dear to you. So, about hearts, well I would say that Seaglass would be my choice. I have a collection of heart shaped rocks which I adore but when I find a heart shaped piece of beach glass oh my that is like finding gold:)
take care this weekend,
we got snow here too:) alot of it!



My pieced heart would be made from one of my grandmother's quilts. She lived in WV on a farm and would quilt all winter long. Each one hand cut, pieced and quilted.

Love the heart in the snow!


oh charlotte i'm so so sorry to learn of the loss of your friend...i'll hold you in my heart & i'm sending lots of hugs

hopefully you can find comfort in the peace of the snow...



Charlotte, I'm sorry to hear of your friend's passing away. Last year, my friend lost a battle with cancer, which sadened me. Hugs to you.

Hearts...Last year I bought one of your heart pins! It inspired me to make more, different once, but inspired by you! Thank you!
The other day I left an award on my blog for you!


I'm sorry to hear that you lost a dear friend. Please take care.

Part of my sentimental heart is made up of my Shih Tzu (Honorable Little Teddi Bear) who passed 4 years ago. I carry him in my heart daily.



I'm so sorry for the loss of a dear friend. :(

My pieced heart - from my DDs clothes that I can't bear to part with.


i'm so sorry for your loss. my younger sister is struggling right now after 7 years of breast cancer and i know we need to accept God's choices. my heart is made of love and acceptance and tears right now. maybe later i can make a fabric or paper one to reflect my thoughts. thank you for all your inspirational words, as always.


Hi Charlotte, I have been following your hearts for some time. From what I have read on several blogs, I am a stalker. But you have given so much inspiration to me, that I couldn't let this opportunity pass. I found a rock in CA, when visiting my sister, it was my worry rock. That was 22 years ago. After all these years, it has become my heart. After being in my pockets and me rubbing on it, I was surprised to really look at it, and see that it was starting to look like a heart. So even we can create a heart out of a rock. Thanks for your blog.


Hi, Charlotte. I'm just now reading this after some scattered time away from blogging (it's been rough around here). I am so very sorry to hear you lost such a dear friend. Right now I am missing my sister a bit, so I think I'd love to run across some sketched heart or other such doodle of hers - just to run across her handwriting.

I'll pray for your peace.


Charlotte, I am so sorry about the loss of your much loved friend. Hold your memories tight and they will surely warm you...

I love hearts in any fashion and love yours so much. But I also treasure each piece of art made by my children. I have boxes full from Danny but Grace is even more prolific! I can never bear to leave behind a piece of it!
I am comforted by the fact that they both love art in many forms and Grace particularly wants to study it.

Thank you Charlotte for this blog and for encouraging us all to live a sweet life surrounded by art!



Dear Charlotte
I'm truly sorry to learn of the sad loss of your dear friend. I hope you'll find comfort from all the lovely heart warming comments that have been left so far.
My father was murdered some 18 months ago at his home in South Africa. Living thousands of miles from him, I learned of his murder in a very short and impersonal email.
For weeks and months after that, I could hardly bring myself to read my favourite blogs, let alone read my daily emails for fear of what I might find.
Slowly though, with the help of wonderful bloggers such as yourself, I've been able to I've been able to slowly begin the process of rebuilding my world and indeed my shattered heart.....
Thank you.

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