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Charlotte Lyons is an author, teacher, and artist based in southwestern Vermont. House Wren Studio is her creative home and a resource for makers and crafters around the world.
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I think my favorite thing about your work is how you use things you already have - gives me the courage to actually press in to service items I think are too precious to alter...thanks for sharing.


I so love your little mouse in teacup! I wanted to buy one when they were for sale, but did not have the money at that time. Charlotte, I have followed you for years.
Years ago when my son, Danny, was about 5, he was eating lunch and quietly said "Mom" and I looked up and he was holding a potato chip in the shape of a heart. The following years brought every imaginable heart shaped object, from rocks, foil, twisty-ties. Once he grabbed my hand, and took me to show me a heart shaped design in a wooden door. I have kept all these treasures, and believe it or not, I still have the potato chip! When I first saw the little mouse I thought she looked like Penelope, but if I got her I would name her Dani.


I love this heart. I have to learn the feather stitch, it does not look that hard. I am enjoying seeing all your hearts. xoxoxo Clarice


I know what you mean about enjoying a stitch. I just took up embroidery again and have been doing mostly backstitch.

My latest coup is remembering how to do daisies. I don't think I've ever done feather stitch, but it looks so pretty and wispy. I'll go take a look at it in my embroidery book.


Thanks so much for your "pieces of heart." I've really enjoyed your series. I have long collected "found" heart rocks, driftwood etc., and hearts crafted of memory-imbued fabric & bits are wonderful. Your wee mouse is sweet as can be. I would call her simply "Cozy." - Amy Bauer


I'm so especially glad to find you here today Charlotte with another charming heart post. You're my safe haven this lunch hour, while I sit here, awaiting news.

My dad went to the ER last night and he will have to have surgery either today or tomorrow - hopefully we will find out when shortly.

I left the hospital to run home for a bite of lunch since we knew the doctors wouldn't talk for awhile - and now I'm eating M&M's by the handful, staring at my computer screen and trying not to freak out. WAH!

Everyone's mousie names have brought a smile, such fun. :)


Oh! How much do you want for that button? :) Wow, I love that button. Hope you are well sweet friend. Love all these hearts so.


ZOEY!!!! i am so inspired by your blog and all your creations! i thank you for sharing-i really cannot even imagine how you balance your busy life/work/art- keep it up!i adore this blog! ann-marie

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