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beautiful campus...
wow where is that?
isn't it amazing to see your children in a different environment and realize wow they are adults and they are going to make it!
kathie in nj

suzi finer

thrilled to see you in studi (just got the special cloth/paper/scissors!)


Ok, so where is this gorgeous campus?

I am learning from you to be more appreciative of my children's personalities and to tell them so.

Thank you


I have a freshman at Indiana, what a great school! Maybe they should meet! I love the transitions during freshman year, but I still miss him alot. Daughters call more often than sons.


Looks like it was fun!


It's so heart warming to read your loving thoughts about your Daughter. She sounds like a great young woman and I know she gets alot of her charm from her Mom.


I love your blog, Charlotte, and read it regularly with such relish --- though I have always been too shy to comment. But today's entry, with its snapshot looking down Kirkwood, with the old Von Lee theatre in the background... oh, I was sent into such reverie! My late husband was a professor there, and we raised our three little kids in a sweet old house just a couple of blocks from the School of Music. Your Mo made a wonderful choice, and how lucky you are: I have always thought it was the nicest campus a parent could ever visit! I moved away some years ago, but I miss it... thanks so much for a little unexpected journey "home"!


I live just 20 minutes south. If you every get the chance for a longer visit, have you been to the northern part of IN to Nappanee and Shipshewanna? Nashville just north of Blgtn has a quaintness to it. Not as cool as in years past, but lots of great art.


Your Mo is a wonderful daughter. And how sweet that she attributes her strengths to you and her dad.

We're off for some final campus tours next week as Hannah decides which college to accept for next year. Big decisions. Big changes.

Linda Joan

I immediately recognized good old IU! My husband and I both graduated from IU in the 70's. We still go back for football and basketball games. From infancy we raised our son IU, but he ended up graduating from PURDUE!! He had a wonderful experience there as well. I now have a softspot in my heart for Purdue that I thought could never exist!


I work on that campus! It is beautiful in every season...

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