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My mother and I have always wanted to go to Ireland together. How special that you went with your family.I'll be sure to sendher the link to your photos, Charlotte.


I am loving your pictures. It looks and sounds like you are having an amazing time. One I am sure you will never forget xoxoxo Clarice

Cherry Menlove

I love Ireland and your pictures have shown it as it really is. Earthy, real and beautiful!

Cherry xoxox

Kelly Henderson

Those meringues are works of art! At first glance I thought they were tulip petals! The emerald isle looks like magic. Beautiful photos. Thanks, Kelly


Beautiful pix. I can just imagine how rich are the memories that flood your mind's eye when you look at them.

I was told that every year someone dies at the cliffs of Moher, from getting blown off the edge on a super-windy day. You can well believe that when you see them in person!

Meleen Dupré


i really enjoyed you photos. my son's girlfriend is doing a semester abroad this september in ireland....we may just have to go and visit her!!! can't wait to see the creative sharing project!! hurry!!


Suzanne - The Farmer's Wife

Absolutely beautiful photographs. I bet it doesn't even begin to capture the beauty. I guess it was cold because everyone is bundled up.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Troy Louise

Oh so beautiful! Thanks for sharing - I hope to get there someday.

carol Eldridge

your highlighted photo of you and a hawk reminded me of when my Dad and I did a 2 day hawk walk with the British School of Falconry up in Vermont. He had always wanted to do that so for his 78th birthday I gave it to him as a gift and we went together. We each had our own hawk and each one wore little silver bells on one of it's legs so we could each distinguish which was which and hear them as they flew through the forest. The hawks would soar up from the gloved hand, go and hunt in the woods where we were walking and then return to us on our gloved hand, landing in the most gentle way. It was one of the most extraordinary things I have ever done, that hawk just sitting there on my right hand, looking at me with his keenly sharp eyes. What magnificent animals. I still have the little silver bells that my hawk wore and when my Dad passed away a few years ago, I placed the silver bells from his hawk with him for his journey.

Maija Lepore

Those meringues look to die for!


*sigh*... gorgeous.


Oh, I NEED one of those meringues!!!!!
And also it could be fine to walk that wonderful street with this mauve house!


Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photos. I'm there in November when I expect it shall be pretty blustery also! And now, I'm off to spread a little spring of my own, like your so serendipitous bee!


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