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What a lovely Mother's Day gift. Your girls are such a sweet blessing. Thank you for sharing.

Gabriela Delworth

Congratulations on your gifts!
Just lovely!

Warm regards,



Oh! that's just lovely! And the tree itself will always remind you of such a sweet day.

Jessi Nagy

that is just so sweet, what a great idea!!
hope you had a wonderful mothers day!

Wonders Never Cease

What an amazing gift! Life is so rich at times like these!


Well what creative, lovely daughters you have. Although I am not surprised, their mama has taught them well. Happy belated Mother’s day. xoxoxo Clarice


That's one of the most thoughtful ideas I've ever heard. You sound like a blessed woman. :-)


Now that is a Mother's Day to remember!!! What a incredible gift!

the farmers wife

That's fantastic. My son tells me his memories and sometimes I don't even remember the things that were important to him.

Amazing! Love the tree also.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Kim Caldwell

I thought I had cried out all my Mommy Day tears until I just read your post this morning. How lovely your family is. I see that your sentimental and down to earth values have been passed down to your children. How wonderful. . .

Hugs, Kim

jenny b harris

So sweet, thoughtful and touching! Hugs to your girls, and happy Mother's Day to you!

Katherine McKamey

How lovely! What a beautiful memory you all made yesterday!


ooooh, entirely too sweet


That is so sweet.
What a wonderful gift and yes a memory that will last forever...
cute notes too, maybe you need to make a collage from them and frame it????


Oh Charlotte, you have the coolest daughters. What an amazing gift that Memory Tree is. I get goosies reading the "leaves" that I can. You made cupcakes for their stuffed animals?! Wow!! I would have been a tearful mess reading those, too. It is so adorable, thanks for sharing it on your blog.

Heidi Woodruff

Charlotte, It's on days like this, when our girls recreate in their own way, what we've been doing all along, the we're the happiest being thier mommy.


What a precious Mother's Day gift!
You will think of that day everyday when you look outside your window and see that dear little tree!


How lovely! I adore this post! I'm so happy you have such a creative, loving family! You're blessed, for sure!

Zia Meadows

Wow if I'm crying now how much did you cry yesterday!

Kim H

Wow that is so so sweet! What a beautiful family you have!


OMG, I have tears in my eyes wonderfully blessed you are to have your Daughters, that can show you how much they love you.
what a fabulous post.
It's always a pleasure to read your blog

suzi finer

...brought me to the brink of tears (again!)
happy mother's day!


i love your girls. tell 'em for me.


I LOVE this. How very loved you must feel. Happy Mothers Day,

vicki grobels

What a wonderful mother's day - such an imaginary and thoughtful family.

Happy mom's day and enjoy that tree!



Wow! You are so lucky to have such a caring family!


That was so sweet it made me tear up!


what sweet kids you have,such lovely thoughts!


Well that has to be the sweetest thing I have ever seen, It made me cry, you are a lucky momma

robin~thrifty miss priss

This is wonderful! About 5 years ago we made my mother a "memory jar" stuffed full of little insignificant things that we remembered from so long ago. She said it was the best present she ever got.


How precious! You are very lucky as I am sure you know. That is sooo sweet!


What a beautiful Mother's Day present Charlotte! Gorgeous dogwood tree.


All I can say is WOW. You are so lucky!!


That is so sweet. What a wonderful Mother's Day present! I am teary just reading this one. You are a lucky mom and they are lucky girls!


I love your girls too! "Postcard family" for any holiday. JB


Just the sweetest thing I've ever heard!
Sandra Evertson


Happy Mother's Day !!
What a sweet thing to do so original! My mother in law once told me you only get as much as you put in,obviously you put a lot of love into your girls!


There is nothing better than the written word and especially when it comes from a child.

Viv (VivLyn)

How sweet and thoughtful! What a nice surprise!!

Kimberly Kwan

those girls of yours certainly KNOW what a special Mama they have!
i hope your day was wonderful - you are a blessing to them and US!


What a lovely event. Thank you so much for sharing.

Jean C.

How Sweet is that! Didn't you just get the picks of the litter with all your kids? Someone once said that you pick your friends but you can't pick your family! Sorry my feeling is that my family members are my friends! So nice to be loved isn't it? Now each and every day, you will remember (although with sweetie's like you have!) that you are loved! If I get low at all, I just start counting my blessings and you know, my husband and my kids always get counted twice!
Enjoy the showers of love... apparently they feel the same way, that they are loved too!


That is so lovely, we have a memory box, but I'll have to do the tree for Fathers day. What a great idea.

Just stumbled across your blog, I love how your words can pull you write into the story.

jenny holiday

Oh boy...I wasn't expecting to get all teary eyed. This is really toooo sweet!!

Love this post to bits!

xoxo Jenny

Hope your day was lovely!


Oh!! That is one of the most lovely displays of love I have ever seen...what an awesmome family you have...what a blessing...thanks for sharing the wonderment of your day with all of us!!

I love that quote, too...I had forgotten it...until you reminded me...I'm going to have to use that again!



Charlotte, your posts about your family just make me smile and feel all warm inside. You are all so loving and dear to each other, it's a joy to hear about.


What a wonderful "memory tree" you have very creative chldren! Roxanne

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