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Alison Gibbs

What a fabulous idea.
The photos and cards look wonderful.


Beautiful in its simplicity, and its worn state.

Julie B.

Charlotte, what a beautiful idea! I love not only the photos, but the feather that looks as though it has drifted down from heaven and landed perfectly in your wonderful vignette! Pretty autumn leaves would also work well between the folds!



Stephanie Howell

only you would think of this.
just fantastic.

Delaney Gates

Oh Charlotte, you are so resourceful! You have such a wonderful God-given talent for seeing possibility in items discarded by others. And I love that. Creative ingenuity rocks. :)

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Your mind works in incredible ways, it is perfect for your pictures.
Funny what others perceive as junk we see as treasure.
Have a good weekend


What a great idea! Love it!


ooh, I am so glad that you saved it! I shudder to think of any bit of an old book being thrown away...


Thank you for sharing. Now you really have me thinking of all the possibilities. I just love using old tattered worn things in loving ways. Why does that impress me so much more than any very expensive designer brand?
Today I stopped by my favorite spot for finding old unusual things that would normally end up in a waste bin. They have these beautiful old shutters I kept going back to. We were chatting and talking about the fact that they came out of an old mansion the was torn down. I remarked how sad so many elegant old places are gone. She (shop owner)and I are kindered spirits and she said "Yes, but look we're keeping these places alive in new ways!" I really love those shutters did I mention they still have all the original hardware and finish ha ha. I think I need to bring them home don't you..ha ha


Here I go again.

Coveting my neighbor's trash.

That is just TOO cool.


What a unique and fun idea!



Oh Charlotte! you are too clever! As always, thanks for sharing.....


Lovely blog...just found you, Susannah x

Kimberly Kwan

there is some magic happenin' up in that noggin of yours, I say!!


Charlotte, my friend Dona used this same idea in her booth at the antique mall... she folded over the pages of an old prayer book, in order to display a set of vintage prayer & devotion cards. It holds them upright so that many are visible at once - and of course I love how she coordinated the book title with the subject of the cards!


cool idea! a reason to go out scouting for old books; as if i needed one ha ha

Yesterday i was at our local mall and noticed Anthropologie's window. They had taken books and folded pages and laid the books on the side so the ends of the folded pages were visible. such pretty designs they made; think i'll go back and take a photo.



I love how you thought outside the box -- or outside the book, I suppose! I'm in northern Michigan as I type this, waiting for the morning chill to ease a bit so I can head out to the porch and begin today's art work. A by-myself week, with too many art supplies (because you never know what you'll be moved to do -- collage? knitting? stocking inventory for December? A couple of swaps? silk painting? Well, I've a week to do it all, with an inspirational small lake in front of me and no distractions!

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