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sure is cute and has that ME style!


What a nice memory! Just yesterday Evyn sat in a chair beside me in the dining room while I was sewing up an order of baby gifts. She played with the fabric, marveled over the finished pieces ("I like your fabric, mommy, a lot."), and really took me seriously when I asked her to please be careful handling my "work" (a term she understands well from Montessori). It was really gratifying having her there, and I hope she grows up relishing those moments like you have here.

Wonders Never Cease

No wonder you're so clever! You had early inspiration!
Very cute bag. I'd love to try my hand at personalizing one for myself.


That is TOO cute! I saw something like that at a store in Bronxville that was a FORTUNE!

Delaney Gates

Oh, this memory warms my heart! Thank you for sharing it. It's cool to see how creativity is passed down through genes! :)

Delaney Gates

Oh, this memory warms my heart! Thank you for sharing it. It's cool to see how creativity is passed down through genes! :)


Very snazzy bag, indeed!
I am oficially on the lookout for basket purses!

jessi nagy

how sweet is that. what a great memory. your mom was so talented and so are you.
see ya soon.

melissa @ the inspired room

Precious memory and adorable purse, Charlotte! I bought a sweet little basket purse a few years ago, but it was really tightly woven light colored straw. The handle got dirty and I haven't figured out the best way to clean it yet. Thanks for reminding me to dig that out.

PS. My daughter is getting married next weekend! eek, tears and more tears will be coming....

princess lasertron

love the bag. I have been looking everywhere for a straw purse for summer...and now it's almost over! I'm running out of time :D


I wanted to write and thank you for Crafted and the lovely bag of fabrics to craft with! I so enjoyed it and have been inspired to create my first fabric collage. I have posted it on my blog if you have time to take a peek! Thanks again, Jenn


How cool. I think my first crafting memory is of getting in trouble for cutting a whole in the middle of some of my mothers fabric... Somehow she forgave me, but never let me forget it! Lol.

Jen R

My Gram had one like this and I remember wanting it because I thought it was so pretty! Thanks for sharing! Jen R


the purse is great!


Whenever I think of your style, the word "charming" always comes to mind. This basket is that, for sure!...I enjoyed reading Amy's article about you. It's always interesting to learn the creative background of favorite artists like yourself. Isn't it wonderful to have grown up in a home that fosters creativity? I think so.


Hey! You've been tagged! Check it out here:


What a beautiful blog! I love these daily postcards!


Okay. This is really cute. I am a purse fanatic. People ask me all the time if I ever carry the same purse twice. Now I will have to make this one to add to my collection. Last year I bagged up 30 purses to give to a church sale. Also, my mother called me to see if I might have a black purse she could borrow, I said sure, I have nine or ten. I did. Ridiculous. However, I rarely pay more than a dollar for them. Many were 25 cents. What can I say, I am the bag lady.

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