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Cindy (Junque Art)

Your Dad was such a handsome man!!! Thanks for sharing him with us! HUGS!


You are such a lovely person for sharing this with us. I have never heard that quote before, but it will stay with me always.
Thank you.

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

I know how you feel, I lost my Dad too,I miss him so much, a huge empty space in my life with him gone,I miss him so much.
You looked so much like him its plain to see .
Every time you look in the mirror he isin't far can you see him there looking back at you?


I think it would be hard to live with a saint. Often it's our little imperfections that cause the biggest laugh or hardest cry together. My father as you say slipped off the planet when I was 20 yrs. old. I'm now older than he was. It seems sad that a person that lived through the depression, fought in WWII never arrived at the time when he could sit back and enjoy what he contributed to the world. It did teach me at a young age what is really important in life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts of your father and yes what a handsome man!

Linda Crispell

You are so lucky to have gotten his blue eyes!

Linda Thiltgen

Thank you for sharing your memories of your Dad and the wonderful quote from Paul Newman. He is also one of my heroes. In this day and age why is integrity and generosity so rare? It will take all of us to stand up for peace, integrity and good values. Thank you for your heartfelt post, Charlotte
Peace, Linda T


Now I know where you get your clear blue eyes. So beautiful. I loved Paul Newman and his authentic soul. Your dad looks to be one too. much love to you.


Good Morning!

It sounds like your Dad was just a doll. I lost my Dad when I was 34 and my own child just 2 years old. But, you know, I still have him right here with me in my heart every day. I will always have that. I hope you feel that way, too.



Oh! Sitting here with tears in my eyes. I was so sad to hear about Paul Newman. I hear his voice just about every day because my son is obsessed with the movie Cars. And I see his picture in my fridge and pantry. So strange.
Your Dad really looks a lot like him. Sorry he's gone too. My Mom said it feels like the end of an era with Newman's passing.


What a sweet tribute. I felt so lucky to see my dad a few weeks ago. I don't get to see him much, and he's not always "with it" when we do meet up. Alcohol can be a real demon. But I do love him and all the special quirky memories of him growing up (we have the same sense of humor and we'd stay up until 3 a.m. watching movies and joking around way too loud for my mom and sister. We also shared an affinity for Mel's Diner). Anyway, your dad is handsome and you DO have his eyes!


lovely post, thanks for sharing it....


beautiful tribute to your dad.
little fuss is something we can all strive for. giving back what we take. these are the achievements we are remembered for.

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