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The sweetest story. You have such a great family.

Lucky mom, lucky kids to have a daughter/mom like you.

Kelly Henderson

What a lovely Christmas story... just goes to show what a whole lot a love and a little creativity can do. So very thoughtful of you and your girls. LOVEly. Hope all works out with the tall gentleman;-)

Suzanne Duda

Oh, this makes my heart happy! You are an amazing mother and daughter...a true inspiration! May your Christmas be blessed! xo suzanne duda

Teresa McFayden

Bless you Charlotte. This story makes me so very happy. I remember being in a similar situation with my father several years ago...only no friends for my pops in his condo. It was so hard for everyone. What you did is so wonderful....and so you!!

This is a wonderful Christmas story. Can't wait for Part II...the tall gentleman upstairs story!!



That makes me happy for your Mom and for you. What a perfect way to get to know everyone! Merry Christmas!

Troy Louise

What a wonderful & special way to meet everyone. So glad it was so successful. Sounds like your Mom is off to a great start thanks to a super daughter and granddaughter. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Jones

You and your daughters are angels. Your creativity and thoughtfulness know no bounds.


This is a story that has warmed my heart today. I've just dropped by from visiting Debbie at Homespun Living. Her dad has just passed away. It's such a difficult thing to lose a parent, I'm glad to hear that you and yours are enjoying this time with your mom.

Everything looks lovely in her new home.

Take care.

Take care.


What a terrific idea!


What a great Christmas story. It just takes one person willing to take a risk and reach out. This has warmed my heart today!



How fabulous! What a great family you are, and what a tale of human kindness :)


Wow. Goodness is alive and well!

What a beautiful thing to do.

Diane Duda

This made me cry a little. :)
Your mom is lucky to have such a caring family.
Happy Holidays to you all!



What a wonderful thing to do and such a sweet outcome. What a wonderful family you all are!! xoLindaSonia

jenny b harris

Fantastic! What a great idea! Your mom is a lucky gal to have such a terrific family around her.

Barbara Stillman

I loved this story. I liked the way the pictures, which show no one coming, leads us to the end. Just like a good movie! Merry Christmas to you and your family.


This is so heart-warming! And I bet those door tags were very stylish! Happy christmas to you.

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

What a happy story I love those kinds of stories!!!

Leigh Ann

You are such a lovely daughter!
So happy she's made some friends--and knows the neighbors.
We all need to reach out and get to know those who live around us--it would probably surprise us all to find out what a varied and interesting group it is.


Charlotte! Your mom is so cute and my, but she has a chic apartment...! Very nice, warm-fuzzy story. Smiling from ear to ear. Enjoy your mom!



How fabulous! What a special idea and a great outcome for everyone. Sounds like your mom will soon be super busy. Stroke of Charlotte genius!

The Decorated House

What a heart warming story! Loved it. I so enjoyed seeing the wonderful decorations you have been making, too
Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!


What a happy story. Thank you for telling it. Neighbors *do* make life sweet.

Linda Richter

How wonderful! Makes me teary.


What a wonderful idea and story! Your writing always has me in tears - happy or sad - you just write so beautifully. I'm glad your Mom is getting settled and making new friends. That gets more difficult as you get older. You're a great daughter and you raised great daughters!! You must be very proud. Happy Holidays!

Dede Warren

This sounds like a smashing success, and I love a happy story! Your Mother is lucky to have such a kind family, and I suspect some of that was taught to you by her example.

Bless you all this Christmas!


what a sweet, sweet story. i am so happy for your mother. you will never find her alone now, which is a wonderful thing. you and your daughters should be very proud of yourselves. and i think we'll be hearing more from the tall gentleman.

Elizabeth Fedorko

Mission accomplished indeed!~~~Happy Holidays!~~~XXOO, Beth

heather blanarik

How very wonderful!


What a wonderful idea to host a get together not only for your Mom but you also brought together all those neighbors. Life has been changed for many. You are a dear daughter and are blessed with the same. Happy holidays to you and all your family Charlotte.

Kim Caldwell

Thank you for the wonderful Christmas holiday. I love that it was a leap of faith - so special. It brought tears to my eyes. Happy holidays. . .

Hugs, Kim


What a great story. Thank you so much for sharing. That's just the kind of story that should make the front page news!
Merry Christmas to you all!


oh how wonderful and sweet! Something about it made me think of the party in You've Got Mail where Tom Hanks steals the caviar garnish. Lol. What a brilliant idea that was - that floor will never be the same : ) Love the new profile pic by the way!!

meleen dupré


ohhhh, this sounds like a movie on the hallmark channel!! how wonderful and're lucky to have your mom, and she's sure lucky to have you!!!

merry christmas!

Kathy in Chicago

What an absolutely delightful story. Your "mission accomplished" brought a lump in my throat and a tear to my eye. Merry Christmas!
Kathy in Chicago


Dear Charlotte----I read the start of you entry today while holding my breath--you know, that worried, cautious, breath-holding that one does when reading something that you want soooo much to come out alright but just not sure yet....that was up to the part about " hoping someone would come....." THEN.......WoW, what a super idea---so glad that the night turned out so successful for your mom-----you know, no matter the age, we just all need a little "gentle" push to engage with one another. Bless you and your girls for making that awkward move for your mom so lovely. You are so inspirational and your girls will follow just like you---Love, love love this entry!!! Happy Holidays!


100% COOL

Cathy Santarsiero

Charlotte! What a wonderful night you gave to your mom! So special. Now, tell me...what the heck is a 'food fragrance specialist??' LOL.

Linda Thiltgen

What a wonderful story and a wonderful daughter you are to think of the open house. Blessings to you and yours for the Christmas season! Peace, Linda T

Heidi Woodruff

Beautiful Christmas story! Hugs to all! Heidi

Jill Assman

Oh so wonderful! What a sweet, loving and generous daughter you are... a reflection, I am sure of the precious mama you have. Love this, Charlotte. Blessings!


What a beautiful thing, Charlotte! Lynne is right on - I want this as my front page news, too.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!! xoxo.


I LOVE this post! What a wonderful thing you have done! When you care, you can never go wrong! Happy Holidays! ~Mandy


I'm so inpsired by this story--like something out of a Frank Cappra movie! What a wonderful way for your Mom to transistion into a new phase of life. And so many interesting neighbors! I think impromptu parties are the best.

BTW: You've been added to my new blogroll--thank you for your support dear lady!

Julie B.

What a wonderful peek at what Christmas is all about! I think you've got us all hooked with the kindly gentlemen who showed up fifteen minutes early to have a nice chat with your mother before the festivities began! It's all about HOPE, isn't it? MERRY CHRISTMAS CHARLOTTE!


We celebrate the Winter Solstice. I linked to this story saying:

You must go to this blog and read a wonderful story for the winter solstice. It embodies the theme of regenerative transformation which is the essence of earth energy. It is earth energy we are truly celebrating at the Winter Solstice.


What a treat this must be for you to hear..and such a relief! We worry about my Mom since she moved back up here. Making new friends as a seior is often so difficult!
Her home is lovely, she is lovely and so blessed to be surrounded by such a loving family!


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