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Sniff, that little story brought me to tears. What a sweet gift. Your family sounds lovely. Merriest Christmas to you and yours! LindaSonia


What a beautiful story :) Both my parents are gone and I know how important it is to have something of theirs, from a time that they were alive and happy, something they actually held or wore or made.

Have a great weekend!


I just so enjoy your inspirations from humble things. It is so heartwarming and true. Hope being snowed in continues to inspire you!

Teresa McFayden

Oooh, show us the brass buttons from his jacket!! What a dear story. And, I'm still waiting for the tall gentlemen who arrived at 4:45 to get it's own post. Maybe after the new year! :)


love the story of your mother's open house; isn't that the way with so many of our neighborhoods these days. . . someone just needs to be the first to reach out.

Merry Christmas to you and yours


Wiping my eyes and having sweet memories. This truly is a gift that gives both ways! While making it, you can reflect on your own memories of the person and the receiver can do the same. Thank you!


What a beautiful gift you received. Isn't it wonderful how those little things mean so much and become treasured memories?



What a wonderful story. After my dad passed away my mom gave my brother his work pants. The ones he changed into every day after he came home from his office job. I know he cherishes them. But like you, in the grief of the moment, I didn't take anything.

A year or two ago I was cleaning out some boxes in the garage and found one that my dad had mailed me many years ago. It made me gasp to see his handwriting again! I cut it off the box, framed it and put it on my bedside table. Such a little thing, but one that makes me smile.


this is a beautiful story and is really a Christmas gift in itself. thanks for sharing.

Troy Louise

I needed a tissue just reading your story - so loving on everyone's part. Enjoy that snowed in time.


What a lovely idea. And your button card is beautiful!


oh, what a sweet story and nice idea. I love that your family treasures each other so much...


Hi... and Merry Christmas to You! I found your blog from Speckled Egg's blog :D I love the wreath, what a great way to display a collection of doilies...which I happen to have! Ta-Da! And I have a little beige bird I was going to use for a mosaic piece, but I kept putting it aside for the next great idea to come along. This is it, thank you:D

jessi nagy

hey sweets,

this is so touching.
you are such a wonderful doll.
Merry Christmas.



Charlotte -- your heart reaches out to us over the miles all the way here in the south - how sweet this is - It is the little day to day things that really make up our lives --Thank you and Merry Christmas -- How fun about the books -- I have all those books also -- will have to take a walk down memory lane - I tell people laughing -about my ideas - when they say where did you get that idea - "well 30 yrs ago !!! " most were not born then or very small - There
were some great ideas - coming full circle with a little tweaking and updating - Merry Christmas _Kathy - ga

Linda Crispell

What a beautiful story, I love the idea of using the buttons of loved ones.
Have a wonderful holiday.
Your Pal,


I have enjoyed your simple sweet mountain Christmas crafts. You always make the most charming items! The party for your Mother was such a wonderful idea and it was so heartwarming to read about it's success!!! I hope you and your Family have a wonderful Holiday Season!!

Eileen @ Star's Fault

Charlotte ~ I love your blog, gentle, simple. Thank you for your stories about your mom. We are facing elderly, dear, parents here too, and the challenges this transition brings - from independent adults, to cared for by loving children. We are privileged to help and show these acts of love.

Season's Greetings from Eileen and the Beautiful Starry Girl @ Star's Fault

Michelle-Rosebud Quilting

This post is beautiful...can't wait to make some memory cards to decorate with. Just discovered your blog and am enjoying reading thru. Thanks for the inspiration

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