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Oh Charlotte, I'm so glad the dr. was able to help your mother. My mother doesn't hear at all, and she is, indeed, isolated by it. She refuses to get a hearing aid, although I'm sure it would improve her quality of life. I keep hoping and praying I can convince her.

Your mice are so sweet.


What a sweet story. I'm so glad your mom will be able to join in all the family shenanigans once again.
I've left an award for you on my blog. No obligation, I just wanted to let you and the blogging world know that I appreciate you and your art.


Troy Louise

That's wonderful. I know from my Father how difficult it is to not be able to hear everything going on around you especially conversations. So happy for your Mom. Your love mice are so precious.


I'll join in saying cheers to her ears! How cute - the perfect toast. I'm so glad your mom was able to get improvement with her hearing aid and could enjoy all the fun around her.

Your little mice are just darling all nestled together there. I can feel the love from here! I'm sure they will be successful in their missions!


Nothing cuter than a mass of meeses. Love your little meeses to pieces.. I think you should offer them again for the Christmas holiday and then my theme can be 'not a creature was stirring...' And let me add my cheers to your Mom's ears too!! :-) LindaSonia

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love the mice!! But I love your little story even more!!!


These mice are so sweet. This is the kind I want in my house! Don't you love working with small things? It's such a comforting process.

Glad your Mother's hearing has improved, what a relief for you all.


Cheers from me too! I'm glad you all are so close now. That's so nice.
I'm impatiently waiting for my mice - they are just the most adorable!!!
Thank you Charlotte!!!

Cheryl K. Bennett

Isn't it wonderful that a hearing aid can do that for her? Yay!
Love the mice! They are adorable.
hugs, Cheryl


Love ~Cheers for your ears~! Your mice are adorable! ~Mandy


Lovely little mice....and a lovely story. Cheers to all of you!


I love those mice!

So glad to hear your mom's good news, too!


Heather Robertson

Ahhhhhhhh, they're so cute!
Heather :)

Cathy Santarsiero

That's wonderful for your mom! So glad for her. Love the love mice! Have a happy weekend, Charlotte.

Linda Richter

Those are soooooo sweet! My Noel mouse refuses to be put away..he's in a little cup under my Valentine tree.

Debe L

If I had all those sweet little mice around my house, I would be positively giddy! Glad your mom had a good result from the dr. Hearing is a GOOD thing. And my little Noel mice is not going away. We will celebrate a little all year long. And she is waiting to meet her new friend!!


Got my ADORABLE mice today! Thanks so much! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! My Mom will go nuts over hers - can't wait 'til Valentine's Day!


Glad you had a great evening :) The mice are so adorable! Those mice are SO cute!!


Love the love mice!
Glad the hearing aids are working well!

Nancy Yoakum

I LOVE the mice! They are so cute!
Can't wait until they arrive! I saw a cute cake made at our Farmer's market where the bodies where made of a hershey's kiss, the body/tail a cherry, and sliced almonds in between the two pieces for the ears! The baker also made the fondant look like swiss cheese, it was too much!


Such a sweet story! And darling mice to go with it!


Such a sweet story! And darling mice to go with it!

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