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Kelly Henderson

It's the hardest thing, letting them spread their wings. Especially when they actually take off on wings!
She will have the time of her life and she'll have so many stories to tell when she lands back home. Hang in there, mama bird.


Just dropping by to tell you how pretty the mouse is that you made for Gabriela!


you've just made it through the hardest part, charlotte! my son and daughter each studied abroad last year (daughter spring & son fall) and oh, those farewells were so hard. but once you see that she settles into her temporary home and makes many new friends, and is in surprisingly frequent contact (sometimes in need of mom's advice!) and sending along wonderful photos, you'll enjoy her big adventure almost as much as she does!

Donna Layton

Oh, you're making me cry. We enrolled my son in high school last night and I really felt the time ticking away so quickly. I'm glad you can stay busy. I also love what Luanne said. Very wise and I know she is right:)


Oh my, I could have written this post! On Sunday we sent our middle girl off to NYC for a week--it's a precurser to sending her off to college next fall. Such a mixed bag of emotions when our kids step out into adulthood.


P.S. I just discovered your lovely blog, and enjoyed my visit!

The Beautiful Life

Oh I'm so there with you! The changes in life -- best mother/daughter relationship on the planet "interrupted" by blasted college! :)
Thankfully, business is better than ever and I (almost) stay busy enough daily to not let it completely wrench my heart.
Now...any of you ladies out there have any advice on dealing with the intro of a BOYFRIEND?!?!?! :)
Fabulous post, Charlotte!


I'm so glad she arrived safely. And I'm glad you have your wonderful creative outlet to occupy your head, hands and heart while she is gone.
We were living overseas when our two eldest children returned to North America after high school. Thinking about the farewells still makes my eyes tear up. Saying goodbye is never easy.



Ohh I know how those waiting moments are!


Sending you a big hug Charlotte!

I had to read backwards and find out where Mo was off to - wishing her a wonderful time spent learning and living Down Under.

Looking forward to what emerges from the wool basket. :)



oh goodness me. My post went poof in the ether. I'll try to recreate it. ;)

I can imagine the tugging on your heart Charlotte and I wanted to send you a big sqeeezey hug.

Wishing Mo a wonderful time living and learning Down Under.

Looking forward to what comes out of the wool basket. :)

kitschen pink

My son tells me he is always going to live with me, even when he goes to live in Australia where they have koala bears he is taking me too and one day he's going to find a wife and bring her to live with daddy and me ...
I know, you have to let them fly...but I'm in total denial! He's only 7 and I'm lapping it up! (although even I, cosseting, molly-coddling mother that I am, even I had a twinge of sympathy for that imagined wife being dragged back to live with the in-laws!)! Beautiful post. t.x

Debe L

I am so glad she arrived safely, hope she will have the time of her life and return safely to you with great adventures. Toughest part of being a mom....blessings!


I totally understand! I think parenting an adult child is so difficult. The worries, the what-if's, the things they could get into. It's hard. My son keeps telling me he is going to backpack through Europe after college graduation....I think that sounds like a great idea but it also makes me feel sick just thinking about it. Oh my. But we have to let go.
Sounds like your daughter is off to a good start. It's good she called. It will be a great experience.
Keep busy!
xoxo mary


Great idea about the t-shirt quilt. I might have to try it out! I'm sorry you're worrying about your daughter, I'm sure she's doing really well and is learning a whole lot! This sounds like one of those stepping stones that will help her become the beautiful woman she's destined to be.

Lori Michaud

The t-shirt quilt, how sweet. I've been saving t-shirts for quite to make a quilt to send my youngest off to college this fall. The morning after her school's Project Graduation we give the girls an "un-birthday gift" along with letters from their family. Gabrielle's will be her t-shirt quilt.


i can't imagine. mine are still little and just the thought of it makes me want to stop time. i'm glad she arrived safely and you are keeping busy. take care :)

Alison Gibbs

Always a relief when they have arrived safely.

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