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Karen B

I can so relate to college age daughters and the tug and pull they have on our hearts and minds. BTW, we had a Australian foreign exchange daughter live with us for 11 months. She met a boy. They've lived here for 5 or so years and just moved permanently to Australia. I think girls have the stronger pull. Let's hope so, in your Mo's case. ;-)


As the mother of one daughter who found her true love here and lives 15 minutes away, and another who is still fancy free with globe trotting tendencies, I know how you feel. All we can do is pray and hold them close in our hearts.

And admire the little pieces of themselves left behind in a trail of love around the house.



That hat on that mousie is too cute. Living in the same town as Mr. Song, his success with that creation warms my heart with pride, like I know him, which I do not. CBS Morning News did a feature on him last week. His shop is filled to the brim (sic) with creations in batches of wonderful color.

How exciting for your Mo. Can't wait to hear the details as they unfold..... ;)



cutest little hat ever


I'll join you in prayer that he's really local to you. My daughter was seriously dating a boy from a completely different state and it put me in a state! And, while I was heartbroken when he broke her heart, I was also very, very relieved.

Linda Richter

Ha! Love the hat! And I do pray he's NOT the sky diving instructor!!!!!!

noodle and lou studio

Oh Charlotte! What a darling little tribute to Aretha's hat:):):) Such a sweet story about you and Mo. Sending you hugs...



Love the mouse and the Aretha hat! So charming and beautifully executed by Mo. I know you must miss her terribly. Such an adventure for her - lets hope the boy is NOT a skydiving instructor and happily lives right near you!


I've a big grin plastered across my face Charlotte - love that Aretha hat wearing mouse, so cute! What a fun souvenir of a momentous day for our country & what a charming reminder of your dear Mo to have beside you. Must make you smile all the day long.

I caught Mr. Song on CBS Sunday Morning too (a must see tradition in our household! Still missing Charles Kuralt!) and got a kick out of his hats.

Has Mo been to Ayres Rock (can't think of the aboringinal name off the top of my head at the moment - uhuru or something???) - have always wanted to see it. (I've been in love with Australia since "Picnic At Hanging Rock", "My Brilliant Career", wasn't Sam Neill handsome?! Adored "A Town Like Alice" - both book and mini-series with Bryan Brown, yum and loved reading the old Arthur Upfield mystery series. I could go on forever obviously.)

I'm so glad to hear she's having a wonderful time and what fun and romantic to have an Aussie beau! Crossing all appendages it's not the sky diving instructor!

Maija Lepore

Looks much better on little mouse than it did on Aretha!

Jean C.

Good Luck with the boy... I have 3 daughters... and they all the boy... and are married to him! Then again... my son met a girl... and he and she are married, but, they are the only ones now close to home... sigh...! But, nice thing is, that she wants to come live close by!
For your sanity sake... I hope it's not the sky diving instructor either! Lol... she is a pretty smart girl to give you the travel news after the fact though! And to be honest... right now, with how things are in Thailand... smart choice! We have a family friend who is Thai and is a news broadcastors... he says things are pretty bad right now. Hopefully they will get better before they get any worse. Beautiful country... sad situation!

Teresa McFayden

Go Mo! What a story she tells huh? Just like her momma!!


I love it! Aretha's hat was definitely a momentous occassion all by itself! Love the mouse, the hat and Mo sounds wonderful!


Thank Heaven for those Big Breath Moments in our lives. Joy joys.


Boston is good. Close enough, but not too far away.

I loved Ms. Aretha's hat too. A true goin' to meeting hat. We have a neighborhood that we visit from time to time, and on Sundays it is wonderful to go there, and see all the ladies walking to church with their hats on. I love that.

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