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A grab and go sheet. What a perfect suggestion! I'm glad your mom is OK.


I love that idea and will be doing that for both my mother and mother in law. I signed both of them up for the alert system and my MIL has used it a number of times. The firemen know her and her history now and they know to look for the lockbox to get in. Thank goodness for the button!!

meleen dupré


glad to hear your mom is feeling better, and i love the sheet idea....will have to pass that along to my parents. enjoy your family time!



Our local hospital has a program where you are given a form to fill out and small container to put it in and keep in the freezer, along with a decal for your fridge door. It has all the important info and the community knows to look there. Glad your Mom is feeling better and isn't it fun to see the diverse groups that still like to play!


Great idea - I just made one for my Mom who is 85 and lives with me.
Loved what your Mom said to kitty - get off your poof! Glad she's feeling better.

Kelly Henderson

Oh Charlotte, there isn't anything that makes your heart leap out of your chest like one of those phonecalls... I've had my share the past few years too. I'm so glad your Mom is on the mend.

And I think it's perfectly Okay to let people know some of the down side. It's all a part of living a creative life, in my opinion. Life never gets perfect, but amidst it all, creative types still manage to create. And those "human interesty" blogs are the ones I love to read. I feel less alone on my creative journey when I see others with similiar struggles making the best of things.




Thank you for sharing that.

I needed the 'inspiration' to get a sheet like that made for my dad.

Alison Gibbs

Great idea with the Grab and Go sheet. Hope your Mom is doing ok.
Thanks for a peek into your 'real life'. Sounds just like the rest of us.

Calamity Anne

My mom has had several trips to the ER by ambulance, and in all the stress of the moment it would have helped things tremendously if we had a 'Grab and Go' sheet. Great's getting implemented TODAY!!! Thanks!!!

Gabriela Delworth

Hello Charlotte,

Glad to hear your Mom is doing better.

~ Gabriela ~


Wooo that's scary, glad your mom is ok. Talk about get your blood pumping.xo

Troy Louise

So glad your Mother is doing okay. We do need that reminder once in a while that laughter is the best medicine. Thanks for the tips about the Grab & Go list.

Debby Schuh

You really gave me a good laugh! Thanks!


Glad your Mom is on the mend. The Grab and Go List is a good idea for everyone in the house not just the elderly. I recently had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic and had to call an ambulance. Would have been nice to hand the EMTs a prepared list of meds, phone numbers, specialists, etc. Now I know what I should do this weekend! Ugh!

kana conger

Love the softball story....although the younger yrs with your kids were probably more enjoyable! Hope your mom is better soon.

Mary Ann/Ca

So glad to hear your Mom is better, what a scare for you all.

I have had similiar experince going to watch my son play softball...he's in the over 30 league these days but it was great fun to take the niece and nephew and the dog and cheer him on, he was laughing so hard he couldn't run either!


My you have had a busy time. I'm sure that your mom enjoyed the time together, but it would have been sooo much nicer if she hadn't had the spill! Silly cat! That is exactly what our cat was like... whatcha doing down there?
Laughter sure helps! Hope the bruises heal quickly!

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