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Cindy (FarmgirlCyn)

Not sure how it could be improved on! Looks great as is!
Please count me in...would love something like this!


That's a cute project! Count me in!


I visted my daughter in December, 3,000 miles away, she didn't even have a neddle in her apt. I've been going to make a needlebook for her ever since. You've got me motivated!

Cindy (Junque Art)

Super cute needle book! Maybe if I won that I could find my needles when I need them! LOL


It's just lovely - no improvement needed!


What-the-heck-happened Wednesday, oh, I love it. You a wonderful reuse idea. I love the sweater you used. You always inspire me. Clarice


Oh lucky me. I get to stumble on your blog on giveaway day!
Sending vibes to make sure I get picked...


It's lovely, Charlotte. And I never thought about using a needlebook as a jewelry holder. What a great idea to include that pocket.



Oh I would so love to have your pretty needlecase and the fabric stash looks amazing, I would love to included in your giveaway. It's perfect just the way it is, or perhaps the recipient could personalise it with their name or initials. Good luck to everyone!!

Carolyn :o)


This is super cute!


Whew- Boston sounds good! Love the idea of using the pretty needlecase for jewelry. Vintage pins would be so cute and cozy there.


Love the needlebook. It looks great and would be so handy.

Geralyn Gray

It's perfect Charlotte....I love it! And anyone who sat near me at Silver Bella knows how much I could use a needle book---right Pam??? Right Carol?????

beth p

Lovely. I am always looking through my pincushion for a needle so that little needlebook would be just perfect. Thanks for a sweet giveaway.

Calamity Anne

How sweet!!! Leave well enough alone!

natalie hansen

So pretty! I put mine on a little snip of felt, and then I end up looking for that little snip! Where, Oh, where did it go?!


It's just lovely. I wouldn't change a thing! What a pretty little stash of goodies to play with, too!


It's perfect. Makes me want to go sew something!


Lovely little case, Charlotte. Maybe a little flower embroidered on the front, or an initial? It really doesn't need anything else, it's so sweet.

Glad he is from Boston. Bean Town is a great place.

Kelly Henderson

It's lovely just the way it is, and so thoughtful of you! Those stacks of wool are yummy!

Sigh of relief here for you... Boston is alot closer than Australia!


I love the needlebook just as is. It has a homey quality and would look great with my sewing projects.
aloha Lilla


I love that your needlebook could also be used for jewelry!


What a wonderful project. I wouldn't change a thing!


The needlebook is sweet just as it is!

Linda Richter

It's perfect... I love it!


This is such a neat project as are all of your projects!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

Love it count me in too!

Troy Louise

Beautiful needlebook! Can't think of anything to add to it, it's so pretty & useful already. So glad the "boy" is from the States and not Australia - only so she wouldn't be tempted to stay down under.


Pure loveliness. What-the-heck-happened Wednesday appears to be occuring here also! Cheers.


Soft wool, cool project...great day!
Smiles, Andra

black eyed susans kitchen

Very pretty way to keep needles and other sewing necessities handy. Right now, I keep a little set in an old plastic box. It sits on my desk and I thought that was a good idea, but your needle book is so much prettier.
♥, Susan


How wonderful. I've been teaching myself needlework and sewing this last year.

Vera Sue Noll

That is so cute


Fabulous! I'd love to give it a good home for my needlework that I am just beginning to get in to!
Thanks for your generousity!


Looks so pretty and soft! And your stash looks beautiful!!

Kay Heath

Love this just the way it is and hope I win! I am excited to be enrolled in both of your classes at Silver Bella this year - can't wait! I carry my Prada Schmada bag still, it was my favorite thing last year. Thanks for inspiring! Kay


Hi there Charlotte, gotta love continuing to teach us to be flexable. Now you got me thinking about how I would hold a thimble or even a few rings in a needle book...a rolled up piece of felt or go a step further and make a little mini ham(for the thimble/'s, you would have to leave one or both ends loose -maybe wrapping a tab of fabric around the center of the ham and then tucking it into the binding area, for the rings and or those used for crocheting -ribbons on each end also with the fabric tab). For insurance I think I would try and add flaps on the top and bottom. Happy happies.

Amy in Texas

Don't change a thing. It's as cute as it can be!


great idea and giveway! count me in!!


Needlebook is lovely....throw my name in the hat please.....and Boston is such a fun town!
Be well, Laura

Pat Blascovich

Look's great as is! I would enjoy a needle keeper other than the tiny original package.

My daughter loves her Valentine mouse!!!

Erin C.

This is just right as it is. Who wouldn't want such a pretty hand-made needle keeper?


The little cover for the scissors is so clever...I love it. You know...up until recently I really didn't like purple, but it is growing on me. Those are beautiful shades of purple. Maybe it's because I love when my little Billy recognizes that color and signs and says ocmes out so cute.


I like it just the way it is.
sometimes simple is the best....
love the buttons on the front


Well, at least it is not the sky diving instructor!!!!
Beautiful needle case. No need to improve it....its just so sweet.
Have a happy day.


You could tack down a piece of thin ribbon on the inside pocket. A pair of scissors could then be tied to the ribbon so they don't fall out. :)

I like the colors you picked. Very soft and feminine.

Elizabeth Holcombe

Charlotte, so sweet! No improvement that I can see--I love this creation!~~~XXOO, Beth

jane jennings

Charlotte, so know how you feel. When my daughter moved to New York from Chicago, I felt as though I couldn't breath.
I so love the needlebook, but then I love everything you do!!


I'm always drawn to your projects. They inspire me! So, thank you!

meleen dupré


oh, "sew" cute!! (okay, i know, kind of corny)...really, very sweet just the way it is!!


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