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meleen dupré

wait....i just i say.....a red sox fan???


I just did a swap of needle books on swap-bot. I stitched my partner's initials on the front. I love how you attached the button closer!
Your daughter went all the way to Australia to meet a cutie from Boston?!!?!?!?

Lisa Cook

What a lovely treasure trove. Any of us would love a special little collection to play with. Goodies chosen with someone else's eye is always a breath of fresh air!


Great inspiration, and the needlecases would make great gifts for just about anyone! I can imagine a "manly" one for my brother... to keep the needle and thread I have given him to "fix" his shirt buttons!

Carol Ryan

I like your cover over the pocket, and the above idea of a little ribbon tie to hold those pesky scissors. A nifty little pocket with a vintage button would be handy also. If one needs a needle, one also needs all these other little things. The piles on either side of my "nest" keep growing higher and higher.

Janet Doherty

The sweater fabric on the front is just sumptuous (sp) I love the colors and everything about it. Only way to make it better is to include those darling scissors :) Only joking I am sure they are very special.


I adore your work. You definitely inspire me with the little touches and petals and such.


What the heck happened Wednesday is wonderful! Just love the needlebook! karen...

Debe L

How precious that would be to keep needles, scissors and other necessaries together! Great choice for a giveaway treat!!

Kim Hanauer

I just love your work! What a darling needle book.I love it just the way it is! I would love to win. Thanks for your inspiration!

Jen (flowerdancer)

What yummy spring colors! I've never had a needlekeeper so I can't help with suggestions for improvements, but it's probably safe to assume it's perfect just the way it is!
P.S. Dying to hear more about Boston-Boy... This is better than a mini-series!


What a lovely gift. I have been wanting to make one of these for so long!


I don't think your needle book needs any improving. It's perfectly functional and pretty. The closure idea with the button is simple but clever.

The pile of materials look very inspiring. I think having random materials that one doesn't choose oneself can produce so much more creative results than buying new for a particular project.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

I do love your pretty needlebook. So sweet and perfect as is!

Donna Ferrara

just lovely! love the inside color against the off white warm wool...maybe a scrap of old lace?

don't you just love those cliff hangers?! but Boston is right around the corner!


My needles would be honored to be in such a lovely book!


So cute Charlotte!


Oh!! how fab is that sweater a felter i have a few odd scraps here n there...and the little divine..:) My dear little one needs one of those needle cases all her own. hmmm not sure if this needs improving...simply gorgeous..:)


This is lovely just as is. I love the idea and it would be nice to have all my stuff in one place!

Patty Cole

oh so lovely,
thank you

Barbara Stillman


I love the needlecase just as it is! It is soooo cute! And that stack of beautiful fabric--just love it!


TerriB in Oregon

Oh how lovely! And it's something I can take with me to work on! I love it!

Kim Hanauer

Absolutely lovely! You are so inspiring and clever. I just love it!

Kristina M

That is lovely and looks so inviting to do a bit of needle work. I would not change a thing.

I love your photos of your handiwork. Kris


Oh, I so want this!! I guess if I don't "win" it, I will have to try to make one myself! Can't wait to meet you Charlotte.

paddywack designs

What a great use for some old sweaters!

Judy G

Very cute. I like the idea of tying the scissors with ribbon


The little needlebook is 'sew' sweet...just what my baby need to improve though, but being the creative teenager she is i am sure will would embellie something to this from all the flotsam with it :) x


I would love to win something so pretty and the materials are gorgeous as well. I received "Between Friends" in the mail today. I love it! Your projects are wonderful!


What a great project to get me jump started. No improvements needed.


So pretty!!

kana conger

I love your needle book and would like to win it!

linda gerig

how cute. linda gerig


i think the suggestions for adding a inside ribbon are a good idea but the book itself is absolutely adorable! such a sweet giveaway! thanks!!


See you at silver bella in November!


I have found a new love in needlework since Silver Bella. I would love to win your give-away! I cannot wait until your felt hat class.

Alison Gibbs

Charlotte such a sweet needlebook. The extras would be such fun to 'play' with.
Count me in for the giveaway.

how adorable, love the accent stitching you used!


I love it and wouldn't change a thing, count me in!

Shelley Morales

What a darling little set. I absolutlely love needlebooks and little bits and bobs!

Susan W.

That's adorable! I always find myself inspired when I visit your blog. Thank you!

Vicki Sheehan

It looks lovely just the way it is. I love it!


what a cute project..last winter I felted some sweaters and made some stockings , have the little pieces left, this would be fun to make with them..of course that would mean finding time..too many projects going on right now..but I look at your blog and wish.


Love it, one thing that I like to have is a snap on scissor ribbon to help mske sure the favorite scissors dont get away- love the colors! Great pick me

Rachel R

I think the needlebook is perfect the way it is...cute and simple. Don't change a thing!


Sweet little needlebook.
Thanks for the give-away.

Pat Blascovich

I love the needle holder. You do such great work. My daughter loves her Valentine mouse.

sheila jones

What a gorgeous little needlebook. You have thought of everything!

Cherie Wilson

Lovely!! Thanks for the continual inspiration Charlotte.

Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

Hi Charlotte,
You are going to have a hard time picking anyone, but I got lucky and am the 100 person to comment. How cool is that?
Warm wishes,

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