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Teresa McFayden

Okay...I'm going to compare your brownie recipe with mine! Actually my Mom-in-Law's recipe. Can't wait to find your fav. butter, too, now. Good for you on the treats for the old tots today. Nursing Home staff's deserve must have a special place in heaven....they just must. What blessings they are.

Enjoy your weekend girlie!


I am so hungry for Your ~ or any other chocolate brownies now!


Oh I'm going to have to try those--maybe for our Brownie sleepover next week :)
I've come to a new appreciation of food this last year-- always bringing food to my Mom and Dad, and/or goodies. Or baking in their house so the house smells homey and good. It is healing... and so is chocolate baked with love!


Absolutely right Charlotte, kindness does indeed bubble forth from a pot of melted chocolate. I knew you were a kindred spirit! :)

Your recipe looks very much like the one I have been making since childhood - I have my mother's recipe card with the recipe and it was named Sauce Pan Brownies. The recipe was given to my mother one summer when we vacationed on Balboa Island in the 50's.

Sensory memories flooding back. Warm cinnamon bread from the bakery down the street, our first ever frozen bananas, the scent of the ocean. Thanks for the memories!

We love Earth Balance!!! (and Stonyfield too) I buy the Vegan Buttery Sticks. Tasty!

Hope everyone enjoys their brownies, little bits of love and hugs!


P.S. Love your little pink houses cookies, so cute! Thoughts of baking fill my head now.

Elizabeth Holcombe

So worth the effort! Thanks for the recipe!~~~XXOO, Beth


When my MIL was moved to a nursing home, my FIL took baked treats to the staff weekly. (He was Dutch and made wonderful pasteries.) He also had a "special" pumpkin pie recipe and would make enough pies for all at Thanksgiving. After they both passed we contracted with a bakery in their town to bake Frank's pies that last Thanksgiving. The staff were so moved and still talk about it 8 years later. The staff really are the unsung heros and deserve any and all treats that come their way. Give your Mom a hug for me and I hope she is on the mend. Have a glorious weekend. Cheers.


What do you mean "not healthy"? All of your ingredients are natural, real food. Together they make a confection that brings feelings of bliss and contentment. How can that NOT be healthy. (Just don't eat a whole pan full, heehe!) We will be trying this recipe soon, thank you for sharing!

Deborah Schroder

Would love to try the recipe, but what size baking pan did you use?

Thanks, Deborah


I only use Earth is great..have you tried Greek yogurt? Made from goat is wonderful. I mix in cereal, berries, pecans, agave nectar, cinnamon...what ever I am in the mood for.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Oh, I think there's a lot of love and goodness in your brownies, Charlotte. What a lovely and thoughtful gesture!



we've had family in from indiana visiting this week and i've baked brownies 3 times this week. (double batches!)
no doubt about it....
brownies = love!



Oh my!

This recipe looks terrific!
I am going to have to give it a try for sure. Your Mom will love those brownies!

~ Gabriela ~


I hope everyone enjoys the brownies. You are so right. My mother is in an assisted living facility and it's true the people working there are angels in the flesh. They are rarely thanked for all they do. Good for you for remembering them and the residents.

Annie Pazoo

So wonderful to hear (read) you mention Fannie Farmer. That's the recipe we used to use to; I remember well my mom's gray-covered copy.


I love that, "ripples of kindness", we could all do that.

You are the sweetest.

Deb Zorn

Maybe it's a "Deb" thing (see post above), I, too, was wondering what size pan you use.

At our house, we are brownie-hoics. Thanks for the recipe.

Dunedin Jobs

i do love baking brownies.. its my favorite.. thanks for sharing your recipes to your readers.. thanks! xoxox

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