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Charlotte, as always, what a fabulous gift 'box' idea!! Love it. LindaSonia


I love this idea!


What a cute idea!!! Love it.

beth p

That's such a creative and fun way to present a gift card.


genius! thanks for sharing that idea.

Elisabeth Costa

What a cute idea!! Yeah, another reason to head to the thrift store again :)

Linda Richter

Charlotte, this is wonderful!!! Who knew you could paint these!!!

Beth Leintz

Great idea- and I think I have everything on hand that I need to make one.

Andrea Hamilton

You never, ever, cease to inspire and warm the heart - my day is always brighter for having stopped by!


That's adorable!! Love it! And thanks for the instructions. :)

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Charlotte, I LOVE what you did! That's such a brilliant idea!


this is seriously co cute! gonna stash this idea away 'til I find the "cute purse"! Thanks for the inspiration-

Linda Thiltgen

This is so cute. I love how your creativity just spontaneously erupts!! thanks for the post and for your "turbo charge" to my creative energy. :)!


Really, really cute idea. What a wonderful gift.


Very clever!


Just when I think that everything that CAN be done HAS been done, I stop over here and find that THERE IS MORE!

My widowed sister is getting remarried next month. Her shower will be a gift-card shower. I'm going to have to look into this!

Thanks for all of the truly inspiring ideas. You and your art are real blessings!

Troy Louise

What fun!


simply fabulous! But I'd expect nothing less from you. :)


Truly inspiring!


Hello Charlotte!

This is super hip project! Love it!
Lucky recipient...

~ Gabriela ~


Hi Charlotte,

Great to see you back hitting the craft supplies! Love the purse, what a fun and clever project - I'm all about making the presentation as fun as the gift. Your friend will love it and cherish the memory of her big birthday and all of you! :)


Super cute, Charlotte! I want to try this. Thanks so much.

Take care,


This is so cool! I love it!

Debe L

Haven't commented much lately, end of school year a busy time especially at a high school...then I catch up on your blog and it is such a lovely way to spend a few moments. Hope your Mom is doing fine (hard time)but enjoyed the boats, the daughter's place and oh what a cute purse idea!! Pure you! Blessings!!

kana conger

Very clever and cute idea....thanks for sharing!


This IS a fun one!

Mary Ann/Ca

Oh I hope the creative time soothed your heart a bit. Fabulous idea BTW and so cute!

Joanna {sweet finds}

So very cute! I love this idea... and it seem fairly easy & quick.

I'm going out to look for a bag! tee-hee

thanks for sharing! :)

hugs, Joanna


what a sweet idea!


This is a super great idea ~ thanks for the inspiration! I am going to try this one! Blessings, Katie


That is so cool!


So clever -- thanks for taking the time to share!

stacey mattraw

i love this idea, thank you!
i liked meeting you at Fiberfest, Im sorry I didnt get a chance to talk to you more!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Great bag and a really nice project.

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