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So much beauty on blogs! Thanks for sharing those links!

Hi, I'm here via your mention in the Blogging for Bliss book...I've enjoyed my visit...have a nice evening!☺


Oh MY - tomorrow night will be blueberries on waffles night here too. YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!


Linda Thiltgen

I too love tiny left-over, seemingly useless scraps. I'm always picking up a little piece of string or paper or label off the floor or ground. Usually then, I simply put them in my box and they go ignored...some I have even separated into categories. TIME to use them! Thanks for the post. (and I hope you got your waffle!)

Lorraine lewis

I love this idea to use my left over bits and pieces that I just can't discard. Thank you for the wonderful idea.

Alison Gibbs

Such a great way to use leftovers.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Great idea for organizing leftovers in an artful way, Charlottte.


something about small squares in a row gets me every time...still one of my favorite swaps.


Those are so charming!


I am giggling as I had a whole wheat waffle with blueberrys and raspberried this morning - yum! I love your grid samplers - something I could look at for hours. Have a wonderful week. Cheers.


Inspiring collages--I bet they're even more beautiful in person with their textures and tiny details!


(Yippie, I can post again - I have to use Safari instead of Firefox, but I can post. WAHOO! Typepad must have reprogrammed and neglected to code for all browsers or something?)

I just love your sampler Charlotte and especially that it's made of saved bits and bobs! And it's so much fun seeing everyone's different personalities in their choices of items and colors.

Waffles for dinner, sounds like just the thing! :)


hola! beautifull collages!!!!! love them!!! and yes,every single little thing can be so unique!!!!chauuu!!ale

black eyed susans kitchen

I was most taken with the colors in these collages. They are gorgeous.
♥, Susan


LOVE these!! each one is perfect in it's own way...I will now look at my scraps in a new way, heehe!

Janet Doherty

Perfect timing for inspiration...I need it for Silver Bella Swaps. I love it all! Thanks for the help :)


What a great post and thanks for these gorgeous samplers and the simple truth so many of us know but need reminding of ... let nothing go to waste.

I appreciate the links, too. More blogs. Hooha!

And breakfast for dinner? YUMMO.
It's always a blessing to visit here.
Candace in Athens.


Hello Charlotte,

These are beautiful and also clever.

~ Gabriela ~

ellen medlock

Your blog and creativity is way off the charts!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!

~ ellen medlock

sheila jones

Hi Charlotte,
Like so many others it seems from the comments here, I just looooove these collages. Having seen these I feel inspired to have a go. Are you familiar with Sarah Lugg's work? Objects of my affection was one of her books where she collages tags so beautifully. I think they are out of print now but some are still available through Abebooks.
I am watching your wedding prep with interest as daughter no. 3 gets married at the end of October!!

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