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Linda Richter

Looks beautiful, Charlotte. I know your daughter's day..wherever it is...will be beautiful. Don't worry. My son gets married the end of September! We WILL be ready to celebrate at Silver Bella, won't we!


Not to worry - your pals will be there to assist in anyway -- and drugs! Don't forget!



It will all be wonderful on the day. We had our Wedding at the beginning of March and after all the planning and worrying it was without doubt the happiest and most relaxed days of my life. I feel excited for you and Erin remembering those wonderful weeks of excitement and worry I had with my Mum leading up to the big day. Enjoy it.

Alison Gibbs

Do make sure that you can be relaxed enough to enjoy the day.
Make your lists, tick them off and don't worry because it does all fall into place on the day.
It is sure to be a beautiful wedding

Linda Thiltgen

Wishing you joy as you plan. Allow the day to unfold and remember to just enjoy and take it all in. So many brides and MoB's get so caught up in all the details that the day goes by without their enjoyment. I'm sure your day will be truly beautiful and a thoughtful ceremony. Peace and joy!


Hello Charlotte,

How exciting!

~ Gabriela ~


From a daughter's pov: Your memories will be of what a (good) time you all had together, not the details. So have a fabulous time!

 Jean C.

You know... the most important thing is that if they love each other they can get married... all the other stuff.... is just iceing on the cake!
My neice got married on April Fool's day and her family pulled quite a trick on her... they had a pretend cake made up mostly just foam and frosting... and when they brought it in... before it got to the table... the person tripped and it went everywhere! This was before the guests came etc... it was quite a tension breaker!!!! Of course... she has 4 brothers and she is the only girl... they will always tease her to pieces!
Good luck mom... weddings are wonderful... I think that the hardest thing is when you realize that you have to let go... and now he/she is going to have someone else that is first in their hearts.

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