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I would love to read both books: yours if you ever get a chance to write and publish it, and Amanda's sooner. :)


I have been eyeing this book and would love to win... and the 24th is my birthday so maybe it will be my time! Thanks, Peggy

Elaine Blaine

I agree the time has come. My mother was so creative in her frugality; she never understood why folks wanted to buy new when they could fix what they already owned. She made beautiful things from what she had on hand.


Would love to peruse that one! Yours too. Need some great ideas!


Would love to see book - thank you to the publisher for this generous opportunity! LindaSonia

Barbara H.

I'd love to have a copy of that book! I think I first herd that saying in an Elisabeth Elliot book. We tend to forget it in prosperity but it is just as needful then as in harder times.


My mom is one of the craftiest women I know. Being a single parent with 5 children every holiday and celebration was about being Handmade from the heart. I still think the best gifts are homemade and heartfelt!!


I'm waiting for my copy of Amanda's new book to arrive in the mail Charlotte, so please exempt me from the publishers giveaway drawing.

I love that old adage, so very much. I need to practice it more though, I buy too much stuff. Ay yi yi.

I so hope you will try again with your book on the topic - sounds like it couldn't be a better fit of author and timing.

Heather A.

I also love the adage you shared - and would be so great for our world to pay heed to!

Can't wait to see you in November!

patty cole

thank you for your lovely give-away.

beth p

Oh, I'd love Amanda's book and yours, too, Charlotte. You are both such inspirations. Thanks.

Karen B

I'm sort of captivated by GreenCraft these days, so this book sounds like it would be great!


I love the idea of these books! Thanks!


Sounds like a very inspiring book!!

Linda Crispell

You know I live by those words! Not just because it's easy on the budget and good for the earth, but it is also aesthetically pleasing!
Your Pal,

jane jennings

I have your books Charlotte, and love them. Can't wait to read this one!


Hello Charlotte,
I will tell you a secret. We have that same saying South of the Mason Dixon line... imagine that. Something called the Depression, I hear, made it popular. Others say it was Reconstructionism that sprouted it.

Whatever, whenever, and wherever this homily came from, it would be considered a real treat to have such a wonderful book!
Take care.
Candace in Athens (Georgia, that is).


oooh! That book sounds like such a treat! Contentment with what we already have--let's live that way!


I'm constantly looking for ways to re-use before I even start to recycle. One of my few indulgences is new fabric. I figure I'll end up using every bit and each quilt is a few notches down on the central heating. So it's not so bad. Love your blog.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

I'm with you on this. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't like the fact that I don't like to throw anything out :)

Tami B.

Amanda's new book looks like such a lovely treat!


I'm on board with the repurposing mantra! Love Amanda's book -- already have it checked out of our library -- and have sewn a little hotpad from a few scraps of cherry fabric. Would love my name in your giveaway bowl . . . thanks for the opportunity.

Thinking of you as the wedding nears. I'll be returning to my hometown for a nephew's wedding this weekend. Many memories, old and new. Laughter and tears.


My grandmother used to say that phrase. She was born in you know the era she was from.
I still think it is a good thing to do. I appreciate Amanda's recycling/repurposing efforts. She reminds me of myself in the days when I was raising our children.
I would love to be entered in the giveaway for her latest book!!!!!


Oh how neat!I'd love to read this book :)




What a freeing movement for us all - buy less, make more, use what you've got - now that is a great change! I'd love the opportunity to win Amanda's book. Thanks!

Geralyn Gray

This would be the right time for that more baby boomers reach this time in their life they seem to share this philosophy. Working in retail..I see more and more people shopping with totes (like the ones you dress up) and not taking bags from the shop. Some say they will take a bag because it is nice....they will use it to cover a book or wrap a present.


I love handmade, I love home and I love books, so I would definitely like to win. I know there's "stuff" I throw out that could probably be made in to something really neat. I just need the inspiration.


What a great idea and a fun book. I would love the opportunity to win this book.


Your books were such an inspiration to me along my craft journey..would love to share the latest "Soule" book ideas with my grands, the 2 eldest can sew thanks to 4-H !


Thank you for the opportunity to own this book or give it to a favorite friend.

Helen Shields

Ooh I would love to have a chance to see this book. We are headed to the Falkland Islands to live at the end of the year so your quote will definitely ring true, make do et cetera as there are no fabric, clothes, or craft shops for well hundreds and hundreds of miles around. We have to take everything bar food that we might want to use :) Now there is an interesting planning list.


I just bought a copy of HANDMADE HOME and I love it!!!

Debby Schuh

I think it's time for a new book from YOU! In the meantime I'd be happy to win a copy of Handmade Home.

Virginia Burrows

Would love to get a copy of the Handmade Home! Virginia


I would absolutely love this book - fingers are crossed.

anne campbell

I'd love a chance to win this book!


My grandson is just getting to that age where he can look at an object and see possibilities besides just what meets the eye.

Two more are coming up quickly behind him, and I am SO happy to be making stuff with kids again!


I would love to win Amanda's book, I have been reading her blog for about a year now and really enjoy her resourcefulness! As always, I am still so inspired by you dear Charlotte. Thanks for all that you give! karen...


I have always been proud of making do.It brings out your creative side.


I love that sentiment! It should probably hang in every home ;-)


I would love to see both books. Your creativity always inspires me. So I am sure any book you recommend will do the same. Thank you for sharing your ideas and photos from over the years.


Oh I can't wait to see this book. Saw your post on Amanda's comments and thought I'd come over. I think you're a crafter after my own heart (paper, scissors, glue!) and so I will add you on my following list!



...l wish l could read your book and the other have to send to the bookshops in buenos aires...l will LOVE TO READ THEM!!!KISSSES FOR YOU!!!


That sounds awesome! A little old fashioned ingenuity is sometimes lacking in todays society with the 'gotta have it now' mentality. -Alisa


With the economy as it is, that is what I have started to do. I need to. I don't have the money to go out and get something new. Plus I have tons of things lying around. I keep telling my sons...I have all son and 0 daughters...we need to be resourceful as it tells us to be in the Cub Scout program.. this they understand and work hard to do better.

Carol Ryan

A book with a title like deserves to be used over and over, used up, just used.

black eyed susans kitchen

Having just returned from Vermont, I appreciate this adage all the more. The New England, Yankee spirit is all about this. I will have to look for this book.
♥, Susan


Thanks for the info.
I would love to read this book.
Upcycling is a good thing.


No longer working away from home and daily finds of goodies to craft with, I would love this book to share with my family and coming soon first grandchild. "Green Craft" has me smiling and saving plastic bags for some cute "to do" projects.

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