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That's so sweet! Don't worry, who could get tired of seeing all those beautiful photos & hearing of all the details! I still remember spending two summers planning my daughters' weddings & sewing their gowns -- such special memories.
Enjoy it all - fun to relive!
Jane - Jacksonville


I read somewhere, and found it true after my daughter was married - that there's no Hallmark card for this kind of occasion - it's happy and celebratory and at the same time, there's a loss. I found it helpful to acknowledge the loss and grieve it privately while still being so happy for my daughter.



Hi Charlotte,

You're so sweet to think of us. I'm with Jane above me, there's no getting tired of seeing and hearing about it all. Weddings are a joy to behold and hear about.

So absolutely not, no no no - you can't stop now, we haven't heard about the cake yet! :)

That sounds so lovely that you had a farewell breakfast. A little more time to hold each of your dear ones close and remember the moment.

And how fitting a rainbow should appear! How grand is that?!


Some day we'll find it...the rainbow connection...the lovers, the dreamers and me.


I don't think I would ever get tired of hearing about Weddings. Maybe that's because I had my own this year. We felt terribly flat the Monday after. We didn't go away on Honeymoon for four weeks so two days after the big day it was back to normal routine. Felt so strange after the Wedding had consumed us for months. I'm sure your Dad was with you all weekend.

Alison Gibbs

Strange how the wedding preparations take a hold on our lives and in a blink of an eye it is over. Somehow you feel deflated and a little aimless, thinking 'what now??'

Beth P

I've so enjoyed your wedding postings. No, I'm not tired of hearing about it. I remember after my daughter got married, I just wanted to keep reliving that day, rethinking it, retelling it because it was so incredibly special and joyous and...brief!

And yes, there's a sense of loss, but also the wonderful connection with a new family member and all the extended connections that come with your new son-in-law that can be such precious gain.


I made it all the way through your wedding posts without crying. Except for the second to last line of this one. Man, did it set off the waterworks!

So happy for you all. Many blessings!

Account Deleted

It's all so perfectly beautiful, and I could feel the love through your photographs, Charlotte. I too have tears from the 2nd to the last post.

Thank you for sharing such a special time with us.

May the newlyweds experience all the happiness life has to offer!



It looks fabulous! What a perfect event!


Our only daughter (and first in the family to get married) is getting married on December 5th. I have been told to enjoy the "process" as the wedding day is over so quickly. I have been checking your post daily for any peeks into your beautiful day. Thank you so much for sharing. Please post more.....


Zita - Mlle Magpie

Love seeing your wedding photos. Would love to see more! p.s. Charlotte, I guess you know the significance of rain and weddings...

Troy Louise

I think you have every right to continue to savor your daughter's beautiful day & thanks for sharing it all with us. The beautiful rainbow was a perfect ending.

Donna, The Decorated House

Hello Dear Charlotte~
Busy is a lousy word for why we (*I*) often don't get around to see people we really love visiting with. But I'm so happy I made it by to catch up and hear your mother's words about a special wedding.
Congratulations to your beautiful daughter, her new hubby and both families. The wedding and festivities really made me think, and smile. It was such a pleasure to visit with you today.

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