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My son's girlfriend, my walking buddy and knitting mentor, a recent African high school graduate, and some of my dear friends and I are about to start "Knit Night" so I loved reading this post! Thanks for the encouragement.


That was a fun day...and those were fun memories, too! <3 xoxo


I'm thinking now of my quilt group - we did actually quilt. There was Lynn, Louine, Bea, Geneva, Sylvia, Ruth, Peggy and Mary. Those nights hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for bringing back these fond memories.


This is a lovely post Charlotte. Made me long for my old friends.

I clicked on your pink house link - your memory book for your pink house is so very darling Charlotte!

Is it okay if I just bake the cake and leave out the fancy clean part?! ;)

Happy weekend to you and your dear ones!


"Fancy" clean.

I like that.

Around here we have what is called "Relatively" clean.

Which means, clean enough for the relatives!


And I like that- *relatively* clean. Lately I am fairly okay with "picked

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 2:07 PM, wrote:


yes, more cake! And isn't that lil Momo the cutest...same age and attitude
as the table dancing baby in the video link.

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 1:49 PM, wrote:


how fun! and a great name. Love the sound of Knit Night.

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 11:31 AM, wrote:

Karen B

This was such a sweet post. I love it when my girls reminisce. Eventually, they end up loving mostly the same things they're mama's loved.

Karen @ Elderberry Street


What a nice post. Comfy.


Sigh. This post is so lovely. Wish I could have been one of the ladies downstairs . . . or one of the girls upstairs . . . for Quilt Night.


Every day, every moment is an opportunity for a memory for those who are here now as well as those who are coming up behind us... wonderful post, Charlotte!


This reminds me of so "sewing apron circle" days with the Airforce girls while our husbands were deployed...and my oldest, Evyn, sounds like your dd Maggie - not long ago she asked why my hair was so "grouchy" (I have a mess of cowlicks on top of my head that sometimes stand straight up). Her descriptions are amazing.

 Jean C.

I remember those days too... fancy clean! I also remember doing what we called the "Cogdill Shuffle". It's when you have unexpected visitors and you hurry to clean... pick-up the front room! Things got stashed everywhere... like under the couch, into closets... etc... of course it was up to whom ever "stashed" something to remember where it got put! Too funny... now my daughter does the Shuffle at her house... every now and then! With 3-4 kids sometimes things get lived in...! I do remember once finding something in the oven that did not belong in the kitchen at all... and figured someone forgot where they had put their shuffle item!

jessi nagy

hey sweet girl,
wow what a great post.
happy fall
see you soon


Oh wow, what a great story. So nice that your girls can share in your passion and remember how important those nights were to you.
Craft brings people together in a way nothing else does. I have been through the patchwork stage, ceramics, pottery, cottage crafts, tapestry,embroidery and now papercraft, and with every one of these "addictions" I have made good friends. Lets hope our girls follow in our footdteps and carry on the tradition, in their own style, of course!

Alison Gibbs

I hope my kids remember it like that but I don't think they will or do. They are aged from 26 to 32 and just laugh at me for always doing the same thing you do. Maybe when I am long gone they will remember it more lovingly!!LOL


I can remember having a craft group when my youngest was about 3 or 4. I'll have to ask him what he remembers. Such wonderful times!!


good stuff. thanks for sharing that story, that was just what I needed today!

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