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Holly Abston

What a beautiful family. Congratulations.

Angel Jem

How wonderful! It looks lovely... and smiles all round! How many tissues did you get through.... (and do you miss her yet?)


Beautiful, beautiful photos of moments to relive and cherish. Thank you for sharing.


Jane Bradley

Oh, such lovely photos... Thanks so much for sharing them with us... You have a fantastic family... so much to be thankful for...

Zita - Mlle Magpie

I'm just wiping the tears from my eyes, Charlotte... such happiness and beauty.

Leigh Ann

What a wonderful, personal wedding! One of the happiest looking brides I've ever seen!


Thanks for sharing a glimpse into such a wonderful & special day. Everyone looked so happy and beautiful(handsome). You glowed and looked gorgeous! Cheers.

hope | paper relics

How exciting - everything looks so wonderfully perfect! and what a beautiful bride :)
Gets me even MORE excited for my wedding next month!
Thanks so much for sharing.


So lovely Charlotte! My youngest daughter got married in June. Time just slips by, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing the wedding photos!


All the photos are so beautiful, it sure must have been a magical day. I've never seen putting a rosary around a couple, but what a wonderful tradition! Congratulations on getting everything as perfect as your daughter could have wished.

Cheryl K. Bennett

Charlotte, the happiness just shines in your eyes. What a lovely location for a wedding. I love the picture of the candelabra with the bridge in the background.
Jasmine the flower girl- perfect!
Your daughter is radiant!
Hugs of happiness to you and yours,
Cheryl in IN


Oh Charlotte! You're so sweet to share the day with all of us.

I love the photo of Erin throwing back her head, just radiating happiness, what a wonderful photo!

The picture of the proud mom and dad, that's so great of you two! (Your dress looks gorgeous and I love that Andy has a pony tail!)

I love the pink Erin chose for the wedding - is it salmon pink??? So lovely.

I so love the special touches; the papel picado, the little vignettes and figurines, the flower arrangements and so much fun, mariachi's!

And the cutest baby ever! Look at that red hair. Such a cutie patootie.

Congratulations and much happiness to the newlyweds and both families!

Alison Gibbs

Oh what wonderful photos. Everyone has a beautiful smile on their face and look so happy. A fun family wedding - who could ask for anything more? Perfect day


Such a beautiful wedding and special day for your family! Congratulations to all!

natalie hansen

It looks so beautiful! I love that she had both of you walk down the aisle with her...I did that too!

Barbara H.

Everything is so beautiful, as is everyone! I love that fact that you and your husband both walked her down the aisle. The little figurines are so cute, too.

We just had the first wedding among our children a month ago today. When my daughter-in-law stepped into the church to come down the aisle, that's when it hit me, too -- that's when my chin got all wobbly and my eyes all teary.

Congratulations to you all!


Those are wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing that private day. Your daughter and new son are so shiny...

Geralyn Gray

My friend's daughter just got married and my favorite part was hearing how her daughter looked the happiest she had seen her---what a great feeling to have!!!!! Congratulations!!!!


Ohh it all gives me the chills. Happy happy.


Hello Charlotte,

These photos are awesome, what a wonderful wedding!
The bride looks so beautiful and happy.
Love the fact that it was a "handmade" wedding, even more meaningful.
And they had Mariachis? Love that!

You looked terrific!

~ Gabriela ~


How beautiful!
Jane - Jacksonville


Wonderful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful day with us! Beautiful girls you have! That pic of you and your husband watching, smiling, holding hands, brought tears to my eyes. Pure love and joy on your faces. Our best to the new couple!!


What a beautiful way for two people to share their love and declare their faith in one another. It looks like a perfect day....and may I just say, the mother of the bride was looking simply lovely.



Congratulations to you and yours!Beautiful photos of the wedding and of the events leading up to it.

A fan of your work (and books)


Beautiful!! Congratulations.
(She looks just like you!)

jen duncan

Oh how lovely! What a wonderful setting. We're having John's oldest daughter's wedding in less than four weeks! I hopped over here to grab your link because I'm typing a post telling how EXCITED I am to be signed up for TWO CLASSES with you next year at the ME workshops! Can't hardly wait! :-)


Such a beautiful wedding! This post brought tears to my eyes, everyone was so joyous.
Thank you for sharing this with us!

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