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Jane Bradley

Your mother is a stunning lady... just as beautiful today as ever. Celebrate the day and savor life!

Tami B.

What beautiful photos of your mom! Happy Birthday to her and Happy New Year to you :)


happy birthday to your mother!!! she looks very very happy always in the photos!!...happyness ,love , family... the best life!! lots of kisses and the best wishes for a happy year for you!!!!!

The Frugal Fraulein

What babes you all are! Lucky you to have such great genetics.
Happy Birthday

Sandy Jacobson

Your Mom is beautiful and so loved. It shows! She looks healthy and happy. Happy Birthday beautiful lady!


Just beautiful. Look at what a style maven your mom is! Love it. Happy Birthday to you sweet Charlotte senior!!

Laura Kaufmann

Your Mom is so stylish and fact it seems that all the women in your family are! We are celebrating my husband's Dad's 90th in Florida as I write this! Enjoy! :) Laura


Can't wait to see her in another ten years!

Cherie Wilson

Beautiful day to your beautiful Mom! I can see where you get yours from:) Party on!!


Happy Birthday!!!


What a great post. Love the timeline photos! Happy 90th from Athens.

katie runnels

What a sweet tribute to a stunning lady!! Your family is so beautiful inside and out! xoxo

Holly Abston

Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom.


Happy Birthday to your mom! What a party you'll have!

anne o

I wish I could come to the party! Happy Birthday to Big Charlotte from the O's!!!!


Wonderful photos! She's lovely!
Happy birthday to your mom!

Charlotte is such beautiful name. One of my grandbabies is named Charlotte too!

Linda Crispell

Happiest of birthdays to your lovely Mother!

Linda Richter

Happy birthday to your wonderful, beautiful mother! What a blessing I know she is! Have a great party!


Happy Birthday, Big Charlotte!
and much love to you from
dede xox


Happy Birthday Charlotte! You are so beautiful and vibrant! (As is your daughter and grandkids.)I love the photo from the 60's. I have one of my Mom and I with the same facial expressions! I hope you had a fabulous day. Cheers.

jenny b harris

Wow! You are a gorgeous gal! Happy Birthday Charlotte!


Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother! Sure can see the family resemblances. Like the photos through the decades!
Jane - Jacksonville


How wonderful and exciting...and what a beautiful group of ladies! Happy B'day!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

What a gorgeous woman that Charlotte! Love all of those precious photos.

Angel Jem

Happy birthday! And what a family resemblence! Have a good day!

Maija Lepore

Happy Birthday to your beautiful mama!!

Troy Louise

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady! Give her a big birthday hug. XOX


Sorry to be a day late!

What a lovely and loving tribute to your dear (and oh so elegant!) Mom, Charlotte!

Please give her my belated wishes for the happiest of birthdays!


These pictures make me smile! Oh, I hope she had a fantastic day! She is beautiful.

noodle and lou

happy belated birthday to your beautiful mom!! i adore every single one of these sweet!

there is a package on its way to you first thing in the morning sweet charlotte! you are the best! xox...jenn


What a beautiful collection of photos.
Your mom is beautiful.
Happy Birthday, lucky ladies.


Wishing your mother a very Happy Belated Birthday! What a beautiful lady she is.


this is so sweet. Makes me think of my mom, thanks!


Happy Birthday dear Charlotte! Of course there should always be drama associated with your special day! Happy to know you're doing so well. And, WOW - never a dull moment - glad Maggie is OK.

Love to all!


how wonderful! the travel thru the decades, so fun. your mom looks fab. here's to another decade!


She's fabulous - love those 70's sunglasses!


These photos are so beautiful. Happy Birthday to your lovely Mom.


What a wonderfully loving tribute. What great cheek bones this family has! A wonderful and touching trip through time. Betty.

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