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I'm so glad you guys can turn tragedy into triumph and a good time anyway.


Hello Charlotte,

I really admire your attitude towards hardship. Remarkable!
And I am so glad your Mom is all right.

~ Gabriela ~


Sending healing thoughts and warm hugs to Maggie and you.


Oh dear! Hope Maggie is back up and around very soon!

Teresa McFayden

I'm sure your baby girl had lots of TLC!!! Glad to hear she's recooping nicely and that your Mum got some Birthday celebrating in, too! Sounds like it ended up being lovely.


gees! sorry to hear that. glad she is doing well now! xox


Hi glad to hear that your mom is doing fine..she a tough little cookie..grace peace & many blessings 2 U, Marlene PS Happy birthday wishes to your mom and many many more birthdays for her too...


So glad to hear that Maggie is doing well. Life has a way of turning things around sometimes, doesn't it?


My goodness! Glad to hear that the surgery went well & you were able to have a birthday lunch with your mom.
Jane - Jacksonville

Angel Jem

Poor Maggie! Give her my best wishes & I hope she's feeling better soon.... tell her to straighten up as soon as possible, otherwise she'll look like an extra from Planet of The Apes! (I know that look so well)

Account Deleted

i love your wonderfully written. and i am so happy that all has settled down and that everything is "ducky" :D

can't wait to see you in a few weeks...we are going to have such fun...


Brenda A.

Sending healing thoughts and happy thought your way. I just loved the video. What a positive experience to watch that. thanks.


You are such an amazing family. So glad Maggie is on the mend and your mom was able to have a nice celebration also.
Thanks for the video link! Love how it includes so many of the people that make the hospital work. Glad you have a comfortable place when you need it.


I'm glad to hear that Maggie is on the mend. My best wishes to her for a speedy recovery, and all the best to your mom too, Charlotte. I wish her health, and happiness in her new year.

I love this little applique, and the towel down below, as well. Truly charming they are!


Oh gosh! I'm so very sorry that poor Maggie had to go through that! I'm so glad to hear that she was able to go somewhere you felt comfortable with and that she's now on the mend and receiving lots of TLC from her dear family.
And Mom was still able to be feted in a timely fashion too! What a gift that Erin was able to come and share in her birthday celebration (and by happenstance, be there for Maggie too!).
Sending you all lots of hugs and wishes that Maggie feels like herself again lickety split!
P.S. I love your ducky!

Kaari Meng

Hi Charlotte!
Happy Birthday to your mom - love the photo of her in the hammock - I can see you in so many of those photos of your mom!
Hope life slows down a bit and there are no more emergencies!
Talk soon-



Happy Birthday Grammie! And get well poor Maggie...ugh! no fun!
Your towels are adorable Charlotte! karen....


Charlotte, you have good genes in you, my dear - your mom is DaRLinG!!!!!
I am glad that she is doing so well. Like my mom, she sounds like a survivor!
Resiliency is a good thing!
Happy Happy Birthday to her....My mom will be there in just 2 years - wow
Sure makes 80 seem young, doesn't it?


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