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Oh, there you go... all your good karma is always paying off. What a cute creation!

Cathy Santarsiero

Love this. Such a cutie in happy colors.


This sweetie would make anyone smile. Hope today is better!


Aww that's so cute! What a great friend ;)

anne o

Wouldn't it be fun to be 10 again......together?


Darling! Clever idea Debbie!
Our sweater craft session was really fun and even though I was perhaps the dunce of the class...I would like to share that my kitty Starla is loving her cat frisbees. These are the little circles that I originally cut from my felted sweaters for the cute bracelet you showed us how to make. We discovered Starla playing with the felted circles and it has turned into a game that she and my husband enjoy together! You should see her catch those little frisbees!
Hope that makes you smile...and hope tomorrow is a better day!

Nathalie Thompson

What a sweet gift in the mail. Hard to continue having a bad day after that!

Mitzi Curi

How adorable! That little guy could make anyone smile. The use of the felted sweater sleeve as a little sweater is so clever.

jennifer ingram

don't you love that bright green color of the new dogwoods? i do and the pinks too of course! Jennifer jennsthreegraces

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