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My favorite crafting memory? Well, your folding travel tray class, of course! Wish I had thought to have my program autographed while I was there...


Oh how I miss Home Companion!! My current favorite crafting memory is sitting at the kitchen table making earrings with my husband!


My favorite crafting memory is being totally engrossed in a project and finally looking at a clock and seeing that it's 4 in the morning!?!?


My favorite crafting memory is the one that I think sparked my lifelong love of's from summer camp, making those swans from dove soap, tulle and pipecleaners. I love that memory!


My Mom, sister-in-law, and I used to take an annual trip to California for a women's conference there. Each year we got together and made tote bags, vest, even jumpers one year to match the theme. We had so much fun together planning and creating, and afterwards had handmade items to remind us of the good times shared.

Rebecca Brown

I have two favs among many. The most recent is making a quilt with my mom who doesn't like to sew or do any crafts. We chose the fabric together and used my grandmother's treadle machine to piece some of it then did the rest by hand. The other is way back when I was in brownies in the early 70's and we made so many cute things. The corn husk doll I made was the best thing. We had three marvelous moms who lead our weekly meetings. Best experience with scouting ever!


In the moment..trying to teach myself how to crochet....patience I tell myself.

Miss the magazine so much!


My favorite crafting memory was sitting at my table, making my sign for my first show and realizing that I was right where I wanted to be. I wrote my artist's statement that night...
"Other artists speak of 'childself,' but this is my new discory of my adult self- like a rose unfolding and coming into bloom, I as so tightly wound prior to discovering my artistic side. It has changed my life.
It has made me joyful and wild and happy.
I am happy when my fingers are smudged with color.

Sherrie in Kansas

I have saved the last issues I have of MEHC as I can't part with their inspirtation. I wish the magazine was back. My mother and I would discuss our favorite parts over the phone.
Thanks for the chance.

Geralyn Gray

My favorite crafting memory is my daughter giving me a counted cross stitch with the word mom in a little heart frame that she made....she said" here hang it at work and think of me"......she was probably 10 at the time.....she amazes me!!!!!!


My favorite crafting memory was a few years ago when a group of us "Rosebuds" had a reunion in Frisco Texas. We had 2 nights where we got together at one womans house and crafted.We learned to make bracelets and we also did paper crafts and even some knitting. There were women from all over the U.S. that had met thru an AOL Mary Engelbreit group. We have been friends now for over 10 years.I cherish these memories.One of our "Rosebuds" did get to go to the MECH workshop.The ultimate would be for us all to go.Maybe someday.


What fun! I am glad you had a good time.

Raye Marie

I recently made a set of quilted rag letters for my nephew's first birthday. They were lots of work but totaly worth the smile he gave me.


My favorite crafting memory is a recent one. While in India last summer working at an orphanage, I was knitting a sweater for my first granddaughter, who was not yet born. I loved sitting on the veranda of the orphanage with a bevy of dark haired, dark eyed girls around me, hanging onto me, watching my every stitch. How I wished I had brought extra needles with me...they were so interested. Everyday when they would see me knitting they would gather and ask, "Are you finished yet?" They called the sweater my "baby jacket" and one beautiful little girl gave me a big smile one day and said, "Oh, made in India!!" I will always remember knitting that sweater and of course, remember the joy of giving it to my granddaughter and seeing her wear it for the first time. This is rather long-winded. Sorry for that, but thanks for the opportunity to recall a sweet memory.

Jamie V

My favorite crafting memory was when I was an "Home Ec" Extension Agent about 10 years ago. I had the opportunity to work with incarcerated women for about five years - offering them classes on lifeskills, parenting and women's history (I decided that one!) What an eye-opener! We were working on some knitting/crocheting and other projects while learning about women from the past. The women really 'connected the threads' about the important contributions we have made in history. Really gave them a sense of pride, which I hope they will pass to their daughters. Jamie V in MT

natalie hansen

Hi Charlotte!
When I was 12, I made bread dough baskets, matching napkin rings, with a gingham cloth for the basket, and gingham napkins. I sold these to neighbors, and my Mom's, and Grandma's coworkers. That was the first year that I used my own money to buy Christmas gifts! I made over $150.00...and was so proud to buy my Dad one of those newfangled (at the time) Texas Instruments "pocket" (if your pockets were big) calculators!! It was $50.00! That was alot for a 12 year old!!!


Oh My!!! My favorite creative memory occured every Thanksgiving. After the huge meal was consumed, dishes cleaned up, and walk along the railroad tracks was taken, my Gram (who could not be idle) would set us kids on the couch or table around her. My brother, cousin Terri, and I would learn to knit, crochet, embroider, paint, decorate vanilla wafers with piped icing - whatever was in Gram's head at that time. Heads down, listening to each step, and doing what Gram did and loving every minute of it. The tradition craft was passed down through her patience and knowledge. We have passed it down as well. Teaching my nephews, my aunt, and Mom to sew, weave, knit - create. My brother teaches his grandsons. When my cousin was dying, we sent her craft kits at Christmas, since she couldn't be with us - to carry on the tradition. Gram didn't know how much that special time with her influenced us and the generations to come. Thanks for letting me stroll down memory lane. I too miss MEHC!

Anne Marie

My favorite crafting memory is the time spent with my grandmother making simple crafts. This was my intro in the wonderful world of crafts. She was a housekeeper for a Catholic priest so our little area was the kitcher where she spend most of her time. Silence was golden inthe priest house so whispers were always used. She taught me the basics of knitting, crochet, cross stitch (chicken scratch) and, of course, sewing. I still have the first little gingham apron I made which was decorated with chicken scratch stitching. Wonderful memories of a wonderful lady.

terry sweet

my mother sewing dresses for my twin sister and me for Easter and not finishing for herself. the sacrifices of love that my mother made for me.

Renee Lange

I am currently making a Teddy Bear for a baby shower out of the wedding dress that the mother-to-be wore on her wedding day. I think it will be my most cherished thing done for someone else.


my favorite crafting moment: meeting sandi and grace my 2 new friends who seem to be my "sistas" is art!

miss lynn

i'm not sure
if this is
a favorite
memory, but
it is one that
is burned in my memory.
i'll make it short. i
was eight.
i had to make stuff.
(still do)
my momma had a sewing
room. she came home
to find her brand new
beautiful fabric
had been turned into
a dress for my little
sister. there was a
gigantic hole cut
right out of the center!


Oh there are so many! Sitting at the table with all 3 kids making polymer clay critters and laughing til our sides hurt pops to mind. I still have the little monsters in a display cabinet. (The clay ones, not my children!)


My favorite crafting memory was Halloween 2008 - making a pink poodle costume with and for my then 7 year old. She said, You have good ideas mommy, even if they all come from magazines. And ME's Home Companion was my favorite that I still miss. Kris

Karen in Breezy Point

I am a quilter and my favorite memory is a retreat with my fellow quilting friends in the middle of winter at a wonderful lodge in Northern MN.

Suz Reaney

My most interesting crafting memory is using how to use an Exacto knife...on my dad's new yellow leather chair ( I must not have had a lot of sense!). I can't remember what happened but one of my brothers has the chair with a patch on the seat (fifty years later!).

Alison Gibbs

My favourite crafting memory is sitting at my kitchen table with my granddaughter putting glitter on decorative cupcakes. She just had such fun.


What a cool prize!

Barbara H.

One of my favorite crafting memories is when our ladies' group at church gets together to make cards to send to our missionaries or favors for our annual luncheon. Our imagination and creativity is spurred on by each other and our spirits are refreshed by the fellowship over crafts.


A favorite crafting memory is a macrame Santa face from a magazine for children. I made it 30 years ago and that Santa face still hangs on the inside of my front door every Christmas. I am currently looking on line for the materials so I can show my granddaughter how to make one (a present for her mother/my daughter this coming Christmas). Passing on the memories! I love that Santa and I know my daughter will love having her very own made by her daughter and mom.


Oh I miss Home Companion magazine so so much! I think my favorite crafting memory would be when my two daughter and I are all sewing on our machine together - every time we paint, sew, craft together actually.


My favorite crafting memories come from the time i spend with my daughter. It makes my heart sing to see how creative she can be. She's taught me a thing or two about letting go and not over-thinking. For the first time in years, I'm excited summer is coming and we can spend quality time in our art studio! I'm stocking up on canvases for her!


My favorite crafting memory is also my earliest one! Many years ago, every Saturday was spent with my Gram. She would bring out the crochet cotton and the little metal crochet hooks. Under her instructions, I would make a continous chain and she would make beautiful crocheted doilies.


I miss Home Companion!
My favorite crafting memories are from my childhood, working at the kitchen table with my mom and sister, and sometimes daddy. We painted ceramics & rocks, made felt ornaments, beaded ornaments and jewelry. We were always making something.


My favorite crafting memories are when my sister and I can spend Thanksgiving together (we live 700 miles apart) and, we always have craft day on Black shopping all crafting and great leftovers from yesterday's meal.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

My 13 year old son wants to be an artist and is very much into crafting. One Sunday he came down and gave me a tea-stained tag - it was a personal invitation to attend a craft party in his room. He wrote down the time - 2:45. He also wrote: "Please bring your supplies and ideas!!" He had also drawn a little mouse in the corner of the tag/invitation. I thought this was the sweetest thing :)

Ida Mae Couch

So many memories...But what I will always treasure are the times I've spent with my daughter making things. She is 8 and has learned how to thread the sewing machine and makes all kinds of cute felt critters. She'll often ask if I'd like to go make something with her. How can I say no! She'll also ask, "Mom, aren't you glad we sew.?"

sara jane

Oooh! What a great thing to win!
My favorite memory was crafting with my grandma, who had a multi-drawer storage cabinet. I remember opening each drawer and being mesmerized by the treasures in each. Now that I have my own craft space, I have a very similar setup and I know my nieces love to look in all my little drawers, just as I did.


My favorite crafting memory was the time when I made a hand-knitted and felted teddy bear for my baby's first Christmas. As I worked on it, I thought about how much he means to me and how I wanted him to have a toy that he could point to someday and say, "My mommy made that for me." I still try to make him at least one handmade gift every year.

Crafting by Candlelight

Yvonne Welty

My favorite crafting memory is a bittersweet one. Years ago a friend of mine was battling cancer. She was a wonderful quilter and was working on one last quilt to leave for her family. Her condition worsened and it became evident that she wouldn't have time to finish the quilt. She made a list of people that she'd like to have come and complete the quilt for her. I was honored to be on that list. I haven't forgotten the quilt or her.

My favortie crafting memories stem from all the sewing and craft projects I did with my young students in 20 years of teaching. We made everyting from homemade paper, recycled envelopes from maps, tissue paper flowers, and hand sewn bags. So many schools do not offer Home Ec classes now. I feel that children need to have hands on experience with paper and fabric and thread, especially in our high tech world!


My favorite crafting memory is when I was 7 and in Brownies. I remember that Brownie dress and I still have my cap! We crafted an angel ornament out of a wooden clothespin, some felt, pipe cleaners and a little paint. It was a gift for my mom (soon to be 84) and she still has it. Every year she wrapped it up carefully and each December she would unwrap it and lovingly display it on her Christmas tree. Thank you for helping me to remember this.

Lisette Dipasquale

My favorite crafting memory was making a hand sewing sampler book with my 12 year old daughter. It was such a wonderful bonding experience and a chance to talk about craft, sewing, and life.

Jennifer Jangles

I would love this, I miss the Home Companion....

Diane Jensen

Lovely idea from a lovely lady.

My favorite crafting memory... was the very first time I realized people actually MADE things. Neither my Mom nor Nana that we lived with were crafters. On a rare visit when I was about 8 years old, my other Grandma took me to her best friends home.It was a real farm (a first!) and her home was full of antiques and handmade quilts, rugs, a hanging swing bed on the screen porch...just heaven for a little girl who was a Little House on the Prairie book fanatic... born with what she was sure was a pioneer soul. Grandma made crocheted potholders and her friend Anna made a sock monkey doll while they chatted on the screen porch.I laid on the swinging bed and watched with awestruck eyes while she stitched a pair of socks (!) into a doll. I honestly never knew that before that moment that people made things by hand. Our things came from Kmart! Anna sent me home with the sock monkey which I still have, and which started a life long obsession with the hand made, hand crafted, and home loved.And sock monkeys.


We grew up in the 50's in a house built by my dad & grandfather, with a mom who made everything from drapes and upholstery to lined winter coats for my sisters & our dolls. Each year at Christmas, mom selected a favorite Christmas card from the previous year and using tempera paint, made an exact replica on the living room picture window. Stunning enough that people drove by to behold her artistry. My sister and I did our best to transform the dining room window into a magical winter wonderland, but with the bar set so high, we had to be satisfied with the thrill of a paint brush & sheer mediocrity. Last year while clearing out the family home, we came across the selected cards - all of them - with their penciled grid marks & notations in mom's unmistakable handwriting. A treasured memory with a few tears.


One of my favorite crafting memories was being at my grandparent's house--where I spent almost every afternoon I loved being there so much. My grandmother was a terrific seamstress, and she knitted and crocheted as well.

On this particular afternoon I wanted to make a pair of earrings. I did not have pierced ears at the time and the clip ons that my grandmother wore pinched my ears when I would try them on. I decided to make orange peel earrings! I peeled an orange, cut flower shapes out of the peels, punched a hole with a darning needle, looped and knotted thread through the holes.

...and then I hung the loops OVER my ears so they would dangle down below my ear lobes...

My grandmother told me they were THE most beautiful earrings....uh, yes, she DID say that-honest!

Katy Smith

Since I have little time to devote to any craft, my favorite would have to be one that I have everything on hand! Then I can spend all my time crafting instead of running around gathering supplies!


sure do miss home companion.

Julie B.

One of my favorite crafting memories was a needlepoint pillow that my best friend and I made over the course of a trip! We were 12 years old and I had never been away from home for Thanksgiving. I travelled with Carla, her mom and dad, and their dog Princess to Arizona to visit Carla's older sister. Carla taught me different needlepoint stitches and we would pass the canvas back and forth stitching away on our pillow with wonderful colored yarns (dog hair included!) After the pillow was completed we passed it back and forth over the years; it not only gave us something to keep us occupied on the trip, it also bonded a wonderful relationship we have to this day!

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