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looking good! i love it and am so thankful you bought me one. that book is ADORABLE too- so sweet. miss you. xo

Paula Joerling

Where would one purchase one of these silk screened sampler panel? Say that 5 times fast!


I just emailed her to find out....will report back when she does. 


oh my goodness. this i LOVE. that sweet little vintage guide is just yummy too!
would love to know how to acquire the sampler. have three girls who are learning needle arts. i have tried to teach them what i learned from my grandmothers when i was a LITTLE girl(to the tune of 27 years ago!) happy "couching"!


That is the most phenomenal embroidery idea ever, truly. And I've always called it the wheat stitch too. Hope summer's going well!


Thanks - I would love to know as well where to get this. I have not embroidered in a while and need something like this as a jumpstart.


Ay yi yi, I'm so un-sports inclined, I have no idea what FIFA is???! D'oh.

So glad you've got some quality time with your Mo!

That sampler looks like so much fun! The wheat stitch has always been a favorite of mine and I love couching ... I'm going to have to look up the feather stitch, you stumped me there. Do you remember Erica Wilson?

Happy happy weekend,


Love this post about stitching. But I don't know how you are looking at the games and the pattern at the same time...second nature I guess.

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