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Jenny Doh

So much fun visiting with you at Squam, Charlotte.
Jenny :)

Lucie Wicker

Yay! Ditto to Jenny's comment and I love the pics, especially the ice and the moth, but they are all wonderful. Looking forward to next year already!

Molly Quigley Hughes

Charlotte...your positive light, your attention to beauty and your warmth just radiate thru your words. One of my favorite blogs to read. Thank you.


what a blessing to have seen a luna moth! they are a rarety these days ... ;)


Your photos of the north country are beautiful...glad is was a fun experience for all!


Hi Charlotte!
Oh goodness me, I knew I had fallen behind with your news but I didn't realize I was that much behind and Squam has already come and gone!!!
Everything sounds and looks so wonderful Charlotte, so glad to hear you had such a magnificent time. Looking forward to seeing some of your projects.
Happy snuggly art-filled dreamy return home to you! :)


It was so wonderful to meet you! Again, I wish that we had gotten to spend more than the few minutes before the fair together. Next year?

talk to you soon,



So enjoyable to meet you and take your felt cottage class. I never did so much hand sewing in one day in my life, but I think you started a was a magical day and I thank you for being so genuine and warm. xox Corrine


Your beautiful smile pulled me in each time I saw you, Charlotte! I loved meeting you, but more hanging out time needs to happen in the future. Something tells me we'd be fast friends.xo


Next year!


Well I knew I wanted to go, and didn't go and now feel even worse about the non going. That will be ongoing remorse over non-going. :P So glad you had a wonderful time, what lucky students you had!

Christine C.

It was so wonderful to meet you, and your class was just incredible. Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw your comment over at Lavender and read my blog? I am over the moon!

I am still stitching away on my book...loving it more with each addition!


These pictures are too beautiful!
So happy for you and your students - you manage to find these amazing retreats!

Think we could all use a few days of this escape~~

Mitzi Curi

I know you're students learned so much from you, and to do so in such a gorgeous setting must have been wonderful. Strangely, I was just thinking about luna moths a couple days ago, how you never see them any more. I'm sure it's good luck to have one cross your path!

Mitzi Curi

Oops, I meant "your" students....I hate making typos you can't correct!


It stayed all day off and on when the bathroom light was left on, clearly clinging to the warmth through the glass. I didnt even know what kind it was, but do know that when the light was turned back on, it returned. 


charlotte, it looks absolutely beautiful!!!



My crafty worlds collide seeing a picture of my sweet friend Lizzy on your blog!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Looks a bit like heaven to me, Charlotte.

Alison Gibbs

Oh what a wonderful place to be

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