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Suzy McQuown

She's beautiful, Charlotte! I see where you get your incredible spirit. This is a wonderful lesson in persistence (searching for the right doctor) and the love of family. Thank you so much for sharing your mother with us. What an amazing gift she is!


Hugs and smooches to Big Charlotte from me please!


Charlotte what a wonderful story. All too often our elderly parents do not find the patient doctor who is willing to think out of the box. My mom always felt written off by her docs. So happy to read this and see these great pictures.


Oooooh, how wonderful! She is a beautiful lady. Cheers!


how wonderful a blessing this is!

jen duncan

Oh gosh Charlotte. This brought a tear to my eye. I can tell by looking in her eyes that it really is all in the attitude. So glad you shared this with us.


What a wonderful daughter you are to advocate for your Mom! I hope I can pull off leopard at 80!

Suz Reaney

What a beautiful woman and what a beautiful ending! I am so happy for you and your family. She is lucky to have you persisting that people take a second look!
P.S. I haven't done the adorable birds. I had my own little crisis. I aspirated two supplements into my lungs. I am recovering well! Thank you for suggesting I do them. I so love them and will enjoy doing my own version!

Barbara Stillman

Thank you for telling us about your lovely mother. I'm so happy that she is doing well. She looks terrific!! Love to you both,
Barbara S.
Cumming, GA


Such wonderful news!

Everyone needs a friend who is a neurosurgeon.

michelle palmer

Such a sweet family~ she is so treasured! So glad she is doing great~ with all your love... the best medicine!
Best wishes for everyday to get better and better~


Oh Charlotte, how wonderful for everyone! I miss my dear Grandma so, she was on a walker and whenever I see someone assisting an elderly person on a walker or in a wheelchair, I think "oh to have Grandma to help out, again."
Lovely time for everyone, lovely memories, always.
xo, Cheryl


This story of yours made me happy! May your mom have an INCREDIBLE future!

Suzanne Duda

WOW, that brought tears to my eyes (happy tears)...your mother and your daughters are all so beautiful...what an amazing family you have been blessed with! xo suzanne

carol garrity

What a great gift!!! Treasure every moment..


Oh Charlotte! I'm in tears! So happy for you and your mom and your daughters! What a wonderful family vacation! So good to hear the great news! Thanks for sharing - we love your Mom too! She's adorable with the yellow hat!!

Cari Skuse

That is such wonderful news Charlotte! Miracles do happen and I'm happy it happened for your Mom.

Terri Takacs

What a wonderful post! Three Cheers for you and your Mom!!! My Grama has been sick and had to go to a nursing recently ~ I am still shocked when I see her in a wheel chair but she too is a fighter! Lots of Love to you and Mom!Terri

Kary in Colorado

What a blessing! One of my mother's best friends (80 also) was finally diagnosed with this very same condition several months ago and her recovery has been just as miraculous. It was her daughter and SIL who doggedly refused to believe the initial diagnoses and pushed and pushed until she finally was seen by someone who recognized her real problem. Good for you for following your instincts and not giving up--and for giving her, and all of your family, such a wonderful time together. I hope there will be many more!


What a wonderful and inspiring story. I hope you all have many more years of wonderful times and happy memories. Thank you for sharing her with us :)


Well, I don't even know your sweet mama but this story brought tears to my eyes this morning! I am so happy you asked your friend for help and what an amazing outcome for your dear mother! I am so happy she was able to take that beach day with you. What wonderful memories were made that day! :)

Zita - Mlle Magpie

What an incredible story, Charlotte. Your Mom is such a gorgeous woman and she's SO lucky to have you. p.s. just love that last photo!!!


This post brings tears to my eyes. I know you are all so thankful!


thanks, Kary. So happy to read that. I wanted people to know about Moms story in case they ever are in a similar situation. Unfortunately there are those in nursing homes, incorrectly diagnosed with Alzheimers. Its not an easy path to discover this condition, but what if....? And yes, its up to the advocates to push through. 


What a wonderful post Charlotte, so glad you have your Mom with you and feeling as much like her old self as she can. So glad you were able to find that right person to figure it out! Looks like an idyllic vacations for all generations. xox Corrine

Linda Jo

Charlotte, that is so important... to be an advocate... and to have an advocate! Thank goodness you were persistent! I'm so happy for you all...your mom is a joy I can tell!


What a lovely, positive, loving post, Charlotte! Your mother is beautiful and you are so blessed to have her and she is blessed to have you. Good for you for being so proactive!

Linda Warlyn

So happy to hear how well your mom is doing and that she's her wonderful self again. Our hearts and spirits were lifted today by this post and those beautiful pictures.Thanks for sharing, charlottte. xox


Oh this is such wonderful news! I'm so glad that you were all able to enjoy the beach together with your mom. She's a beautiful lady.

jenny b harris

Awesome! I'm SO happy for you, for your Mom, and your whole family! What a wonderful turn of events. I'm smiling from ear to ear!


What a wonderful story, post, and family!! I am so happy for your Mom and for You! (and the rest of the family!) Such a blessing to have her "back".
This post had me crying and smiling at the same time.

Lynn Dirk

This made me smile. Beatiful women you all are. Great job getting your mom the help she needed. Doesn't that just feel so good? And, you taught your daughters a valuable lesson in health care. Way to go!


I have goosies. What a great story Charlotte. Love the photos you shared. Especially the last one of the 4 most beautiful girls in your life. xoxox


Oh Charlotte! I'm so happy for your entire family. This is not the typical story you hear of an elderly parent. It's miraculous, joyful and filled with hope. My grandmother (89) is having a rough time and just hearing this lightened my load. Even if her outcome isn't the same, it's so wonderful to hear about your mother's gift... a return to self, a beach trip, and a new year ahead. Your mother is gorgeous, as are your girls!

Debby Schuh

Oh my gosh... what a transformation! So thankful for the gift you've all been given!!


Wonderful news! Like all the others commenting here it's great to hear your families' good news and to know that advocating for those we love is effort never wasted. Here's to an amazing year!


Such great news! This made my heart very very happy!

Melony Bradley

Wow- this is an amazing story and demonstrates more that medicine is more ART than science. She looks so happy and young


Wow! Good for you, refusing to take vagueness for an 'answer.' Your Mom is so lovely and I'm sure she's thrilled to be able to be back in the thick of the fun with all the girls. How wonderful.


That is so wonderful to read about your mom's recovery. I can imagine all of the fun you had at the beach. So touching to read about it.


p.s. I also love those pink house cookies on the post below. Darling!


Ohmy I'm so glad to hear about this. Its like a miracle really isn't it? So happy for all of you!


Oh Charlotte! I'm smiley and teary over here - I'm so glad to hear that your mom finally has a diagnosis and is improving so rapidly. That is the best news! It is so wonderful to see her smiling and surrounded by all her dear ones. And at the seaside!
Happy rest of summer and hugs all around!

Nicki Dwyer

well I am so happy to read this Charlotte, about Charlotte. What a happy turn of events. Congratulations to you for being so dogged in your search for better days for her.

Alison Gibbs

Charlotte that is just fabulous, such great news.
Looks like she had a fun time with you all


this is wonderful...she is so lucky that you all were so persistent. what great time it looks like you had.

Andrea Cunningham

that is just tops!!!!!! big cheeser on my face. i think God works in such wonderous ways.


Hello Charlotte,

She is precious! Enjoy this fabulous looking lady!

~ Gabriela ~


What a wonderful uplifting story! Thank you so much for sharing it.


That is amazing! I'm so happy you persisted and got enough opinions to find the right solution!! That is what it takes quite often! What a special trip to then take :)

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