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Fabulous stitching and fabulous idea!!!


Oh Charlotte, you make me tear up with that last sentence. Those turtles look fabulous and say, what if it WERE that easy? Take care. I have so enjoyed your vacation postcards.


Hi Charlotte!
Welcome home, I've missed you.
I loved your postcards - my favorite was Barbie, what does that say about me?! :)
Oh! I am beyond heartbroken (and FURIOUS) over the BP disaster! You are such a dear soul and bless you for putting your art where your heart and sensibilities are and doing this for the beloved turtles.
Running over to Etsy now to buy your darling pattern and help a wee bit.
Happy almost weekend to you,
P.S. When I was little, my mother used to say "Hold onto your applesauce" when she'd drive over a bump. Thanks for the sweet mom memories!

Shelley Overholt

Thanks! I just got one ordered!! ~Shelley O.

 Jean C.

Love the saying from your mom! Isn't it fun to recall the things family members have said... things that only mean something to another family member?
One of our's.... we had a family dog who loved to ride in the car (don't most dogs!) mom reminds me sometimes of what I used to say when we went around the corners...
(as she (the dog) would start to loose her hold on the car seat) I would say, "Hold on Cuddles". So now of course, when I am riding in the car with my parents... around a corner we go and those fun memories come flooding back!


Your turtle is really charming... loved all your beach photos. We're heading to N. Carolina- the outer banks, in a couple days... love the Atlantic Ocean!

Mitzi Curi

It's heartbreaking to imagine the sea turtles and other animal life suffering and dying in the Gulf. How nice that you could think of a way to help.


This turtle is adorable. It makes me so sad to heqra what i happening to the turtles and other marine life in the gulf. I'm heading over to your Etsy right now.

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