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Linda Thiltgen

Wonderful Charlotte! Memory making at it's finest. The simple pleasures of life are simply the best! As my Mom ages I realize that there will be limitations, but hopefully will continue to find ways to enjoy the things that make our lives rich. Peace.


Hi there Charlotte! Your Mom is so pretty and vivacious looking! (and you look just like her!) She shops at H&M? My kind of woman! It is fun to train it into NYC and I LOVE Grand Central. Just think of all the people who have passed through there and all those different lives....


So Happy for your outing with your Mother!! I am sure she loved being out again!!! You have her wonderful genes!! Beautiful Ladies!!


Hello Charlotte,

What a fun trip! She looks so happy, how good for her!

Happy to see your beautiful Mom and you having fun together.

~ Gabriela ~

Linda Jo

High five indeed! Wonderful day for all!


I still have a smile on my face after reading your post.
It IS about the simple things....really.....

I felt like I was right there with you, girl!
What a great way to spend the day......

Going to see my mom in a couple of weeks...and you have inspired me to do something simple and fun with her - like drive to San Antonio and go to the Witte Museum, or something I know she loves.
Just a day for the two of us..

Love to you, my friend...

Yvonne Welty

I loved hearing about the trip with your mother. You both looked so pretty and happy! My Mom is 86 and struggling with some mobility issues so I'm hoping my mom and I can have a few more"outings" such as yours.
I received the bracelet kit yesterday. How cute! I'm very plased with it! Yvonne


You're a good daughter - looks like a nice day for all!
Keep moving!


I am so very, very happy for you! What a wonderful second chance for both of you with your Mom's health improvement. Beautiful photos, and beautiful ladies- all three of you!

Jamie V

This happiness made my day! Jamie V in MT


That is GRAND! Looks like you all had so much fun making memories together. The smile on your Mom's face is PRICELESS.


One can never have too many cheetah totes!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

What a postively delightful little trip, Charlotte. A most perfect day with your beautiful Mom. p.s. my Mom and I flew to NYC for a weekend a few years ago, as a birthday gift from my husband and we had a fantastic time - you've just reminded me that we should do that again :)


I'm smiling, as I read this! Your mom is just a beautiful woman. I love her snazzy outfit, complete with ballet flats! I can see that she can pull off that cheetah tote and cocktail ring with great style. What prescence she has. And you both are so smart for seizing the day as you did! It's the stuff memories are made of, for sure.


I've been reading your blog for awhile now, and I have to say that this is my favorite post. I recently spent the day with my Mom (I live in the midwest, she lives in WV) We visited a glass factory, had lunch at a roadside stand, and just had a wonderful time together. I'll not soon forget my day with my Mom, as I'm sure you, and your Mom, will remember your day in the city:)


Love reading your blog on my Sidebar every day. This trip to NY, my hometown, was perfect all the way to the station. I miss the boroughs.

Suz Reaney

Your mom is sooo beautiful and she looks so happy! I love that she snagged some bargains at H and M!


What a wonderful day for you to share with your beautiful Mother...I hope to share a special day like that with my own Mom soon.
Have a great weekend! :)


I love the twinkle and spirit I see in your Mother's eyes. So glad the outing was a success. xox Corrine

Suzy McQ

Charlotte, Your mother looks beautiful and radiant.... a classy lady for sure! How wonderful of you to continue to share her with us all. She is so fortunate to have such loving people around her and you can just tell that she adores Larissa and that the feeling is mutual. What a treasure they both are.....


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