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Loving the Mosaic. You and I are much alike; I too am happy with a few wardrobe items although I'm a sucker for dangling earrings and boots. I think it all has to with simplifying one's life.

I am finally home in California about to move to a hilltop house.

Many hugs to you and yours.

Linda Jo

Love your mosaic! I saw that piece, too... I was like "6, that's easy!" I'm the same way..I have my faves ... why wear anything else? 6 materials... like say linen, floss,journal, daily mail and do scissors and glue stick count? I'm guessing they do! I could survive.


A beautiful rosey colored mosaic.I love what you make,and can't wait to see what you come up with next.If you're purging anything I hope you make some scrap kits for your etsy shop.The little house kit I purchased from you is still one of my favorites and I loved all the little doodads you included.Making the houses is very addictive and fun.


Mosaic is darling! I too saw the 6 piece wardrobe on the Today Show. It made me howl b/c I have been working at home for the past couple of weeks IN MY JAMMIES. Everyone around here (and a few neighbors) can tell that dang Today Show that you need a heckuva lot less than 6 items. Of course now I have put on clothing as I have to venture to the grocery store. If one could merely survive on 6 food items for that long!!


Love the mosaic. I also saw the piece on the Today Show about the 6 garments. I thought "HA!" I've been working exclusively from home for a couple of weeks and have for the most part been in my jammies. I know for a fact that you can get by with a LOT less than 6 pieces. Giggle. Take THAT Today Show. Of course now I am in clothes as I have to venture to the grocery. Too bad one can't get by on 6 grocery items!


repeats--------- see? The whole jammie thing has clearly rotted my brain. Sorry about that!!!

cherie Wilson

I have a "uniform" every so many weeks.......this Summer has been gray linen shorts, and a soft T from Banana Republic. I'm sure it's close to needing burned:) The art space is entirely out of control too.........and I love your question! Good food for thought. XO

Amy in Texas

Count me in in the group of wearing the same old thing. But the thought of using only 6 items to create...interesting. What a cool challenge that would be.


love the there a place that we can see the whole creation.....I would love to see larger images of these wonderful things.
Thanks for sharing

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Beautiful mosaic, Charlotte. I'm adoring that wonderful house mobile on the top left. p.s. didn't see that episode on the Today Show (no television - everyone simplifies in different ways :), but I do envy my kids who wear uniforms to school everyday.


Oh Charlotte! I'm checking in, barely awake over here, with my iPad and cup of tea. I love your mosaic and I especially adore your piece with what I assume are your three daughters - so very precious, what a wonderful keepsake.
Your darling embroidery arrived yesterday, my gosh that was speedy, thank you!
Wishing you a lovely long holiday weekend,


Hello Charlotte,

Loving this Mosaic!

~ Gabriela ~

Linda Warlyn

Whether your studio or a new offer up the most deliciously beautiful sneak peeks! Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Charlotte! xox

Katsui Jewelry

Really is a great mosaic. It all hold together beautifully!

 Jean C.

I understand about possibly 6 articles of clothing... but fabric's.... I would go mad!!!


what a stunning mosaic Charlotte....i love it. thanks so much for sharing it.

love, violette xo

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