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Linda Thiltgen

Thanks for the touching post. My heart was singing for the Mother Love that was apparent both ways. Thanks for sharing and for the love you pass along to each of us through your blog. Cheers lovely Charlotte.

Yvonne Welty

What a sweet post. You made me cry it was so touching. There's nothing like your mother is there? Have the best birthday ever Charlotte!!!

Suzy McQ

Happy Birthday, Charlotte, and happy birth day to your sweet mom! How special to make the day leading up to your special day so special to her as well.

It's no stretch to see where you received your tender and loving heart!

And, please have a HUGE piece of cake for me!

Amy Powers

Happy happy happy birthday! I'm so glad your mom is back...what a gift!

I love you, my friend.


Janine Olson

To sweet Charlotte,

Happy Birthday wishes ! You and your Mom are a special gift to each other. Have a wonderful birthday. Jan Olson


I can envision the entire story. So sweet the both of you are! Happy Birthday Charlotte!! xoxo


How beautiful! Happy Birthday, Charlotte. Savor every moment.


Happiest of birthdays Charlotte! What a cutie your mommy is - I got quite a giggle out of the animal print bras, so much fun. What a wonderful gift that card is, full of love overflowing for her girl, so very sweet - really tugged at my heart, I miss my mom so much. And the best gift of all, her return to health and her spunky self and snazzy underpinnings!

Wishing you a lovely celebration night out with all of your dear ones!

Linda Jo

Happy birthday, Charlotte! Enjoy this evening! Your mom is a doll...cheetah - LOL!!!!


Happy Birthday Charlotte! It's my 7 year old son, Chance's birthday too!

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Happy Birthday Charlotte!
Your touching post had me in tears too...sensitive these days about sweet dear mothers and precious moments.
I hope the coming year brings all good things!



Such a sweet post - Happiest Birthday to you Charlotte!

Barbara H.

A very happy bi8rthday to you!


My birthday today also. My Houseplant class sang Happy Birthday to me at the end of the class and I smiled so much I think my face might hurt tomorrow.

It's been a hard road to today hasn't it? I needed a GOOD day.

Happy birthday.


This was so sweet. Happy Birthday! You share my Dad's birthday, and I was blessed to be able to be with him and Mom today.
Happy times!


Happy Birthday, dear Charlotte. Your mom's card is so sweet. I'm sorry your week has been crummy - here's to hoping the next one is wonderful!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Happy Birthday, Charlotte! A sweet, sweet birthday with your dear Mom! That card is precious. p.s. funny, I've always thought birthdays should also be about saying thank you to the person that gave birth to you that day :)

michelle palmer

Wishing you all that is wonderful! Thank you for sharing such sweet moments~
Happy Birthday, Charlotte!


Happy Birthday Charlotte. It is so wonderful to hear of your happy family and your so close relationships with your Mom and your girls. Thanks for sharing and so glad your Mom is doing so well. xox Corrine


so touching. the card is pricless and how she underlines almost all the words. well, you are a wonderful daughter and a gift to all of us as well as your family. one more year to share all those wonders with you.


What a special memory, that you will always have.

Happy Birthday, dear Charlotte.


 Jean C.

Tears from this address too...
so worth the tears when you get the message that you got! Bless you for sharing... glad it was a good one for you and yours!


Happy Birthday and thank you for sharing this sweet story of love between a momma and her daughter! You are blessed!
Hoosier Birthday Hugs,


Happy Birthday!!! I had a similar experience today when I opened my card from my parents. Tears, the realization that they are aging along with me, and that no matter how old I am, I am still their daughter. Hugs.


Happy belated birthday!!! I hope you celebrate all year. So nice to hear your Mom is doing well!
My Mom is gone now so it is wonderful for me to hear about yours.


Happy Belated, dear Charlotte. Loved this post. How lucky you are to have this Mom and vice versa

-- and say, go get you some of those cheetah prints! You already live a little on the Wild Side! ;0
Glad you had such a good one.
Many Returns.
Candace, Still in Athens.

Troy Louise

Happy Late B-Day. Your sweet entry made me cry, but in a good way. So wonderful to share your day with your special Mother. Great Big Hugs!


Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!! Love your Mom's card. So sweet. Moms are the best!!!!


Is your Birthday the same day as mine? I can't remember! I am the 18th. It would make sense....even if it is close....Virgos rule! Wow, I am so amazed at your relationship with your Mother. I had no idea! I just assumed it was like most of us...disfunctional. You are so lucky! I guess I am jealous. Did you know i had another baby? Lizzy had Charlie, Aug. 20. A big, fat boy who wants to chow down every 2 hours! Typical of boys. Happy Birthday!! Connie

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