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This is the third year that one of our claim representatives swam it. Go Neil!

Suzy McQ

What an absolute labor and love and fortitude this swim must have been for all it's participants. Cold weather, strong currents and the sheer distance of the swim.... incredible!

Told beautifully, may I add. Very moving. Congrats to your daughter as well for working for a non-profit, it's especially challenging in the current economic climate, but I am sure she will do a swimmingly wonderful job.


You have such a wonderful way with words. I have several things you've said in your past blogs written in my quote journal. I loved "I can't get past the enormity of that challenge." It does indeed appear like an enormous challenge. What a fabulous feeling it must be when you've completed it!! Your sweet daughter looks just like you. Have a delightful day! - Kathy


This is exactly what I needed to read today. How could Mo be anything but this sunny reflection of you and Dad, a true labor of love now being shared with her community.

Have a great great week!


Such a lovely post Charlotte! A loving tribute to the participants and your darling Mo (what a lovely young lady she is, so very much like her momma). What an amazing event and what an accomplishment for all involved.


Hello Charlotte,

There are some amazing people in this world! Mo looks fabulous.

~ Gabriela ~

melissa klein

Wonderful! I ran the Disney Marathon with LLS and what an amazing event with amazing people. So glad your Mo has the opportunity to work with them!!

Kary in Colorado

Amazing! Do you realize how unbelievable the concept of a RIVER 3 miles wide is to someone born and bred in the West?!!! I can't even imagine! Congratulations to all involved!


Yes, I would love to hike across the Grand Canyon...where do I sign up? Better get in better shape first! Thanks for this wonderful post, and Mo and Andy's contribution to this inspiring event!

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