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Yvonne Welty

Charlotte, Your color choices are great and I like the bird a lot. There's something about embroidery that is so addicting. I've done numerous crafts over the years but eventually I wander back to my stash of embroidery floss. Thanks for sharing!


I picked up on the comment about a longer needle helping arthritic fingers! Thanks for that tidbit of advice. I have a quilt to bind in the next month and I'll remember that.


excellent w.i.p. you have here...i too am enjoying a grand stitchy adventure from your stitch book design... ;)

Karen B

Thanks for the little tidbits! It's encouraging to know that you draw first. It looks really lovely.


What a lovely play time. I have yet to begin my stitch book, but it's on the list!


Your stitchwork is really lovely and I can't help but think of peasant blouses with your colors choices. xox Corrine

Cindy (Junque Art)

Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!


Hey there....your sweet little bird might like a little something "growing" out of "his/her" head....or just a few little dot-knots.....? (LOVE the tail)
Your colors are wonderful, as usual..
Like you, I keep several needles threaded in different colors so I can keep going through a design without having to "re-thread"....
It's lots of fun to limit the colors, too, to challenge your eye and your imagination.
Just love what you do!


i can always envision you touching everything so gently. that is your gift: gentleness, i have no other way of describing my perception of how you handle every thing that is put before you. it is a beautiful thing to behold, truly.

Mellie B

Your work is lovely. It looks like you use pearl cotton thread. I too need a long needle and am having a hard time finding a needle with a large enough eye for pearl cotton thread to pass through easily. Could you comment on your needle choice. Thanks.


good question- thanks! somehow I ended up with some needles from a church sale pincushion that came with a bunch already in it. I have one favorite that I guard like a pioneer in a covered wagon. At the thread shop, I picked up a pack of DMC darners with sharp points size 18 that are okay for perle cotton on larger weave cottons and felts, but not great for tighter weave. Darners sz 20 and chenille (not that long) size 20 are better for tighter weave. Just make sure it has a sharp point. Hope that helps some. 
Anyone else want to comment on this?


Hi Charlotte!
I'm so loving all of your embroidery posts! I've always adored the spider web stitch but it has scared the bejeezus out of me - this year is the year to dive in. :)
Oh! I've got big ouchies in my thumb joint these days, it hurts to hold the fabric for a long time now WAH! Thanks so much for the longer needle comments, I will try that.
Happy Tuesday,


Very inspiring! Wish we could share a cup of hot chocolate and stitch away!

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