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Hello Charlotte,

I was in NYC this week, no time to stop at Tinsel Trading this time...
These photos are such a tease!

Have a great weekend!

~ Gabriela ~


That's the type errand I could go for. Thank you for sharing these lovely images from what -- to me -- seems a magical day.


Sheri Howard

Love all that lace!


those look like fun errands to me!


oh my...i want to run errands with you!!! ;)


Where, oh where, did you find all that lovely tatting cotton? My daughters have gotten me into dolls again, and I would love to make tatted lace in something other than white, ecru, or black.


Were you in NYC? I would love to go to that store!
Thanks for the beautiful photos.


I heart NYC!

Laura @ 52 FLEA

You know....when you mentioned you had to run into the garment district...I was tempted to tell you "wait for me"! But...too much going on! Will try again this week! Your photographs are so pretty and looks as if it was a gorgeous day!


oh... your errands seem a lot more fun than mine - returning overdue library books, buying some nylons (yes, they make my work pants drape smoother over my changing 60ish shape), taking some stuff to the thrift store....
that lace looks ravishing. what are you planning to do with it? post pictures of your latest creation...

Curtains in My tree

Oh Miss Charlotte

My chest hurts looking at those wonderful pictures. I want to touch all the stuff in the picture of the store where you can see ribbons & Lace & Trims & bolts of everything we altered art people love. Where is that? Tinsel Trading?

I love your creations , did I already say that?



yes! M+J Trimmings @ 1008 6th and Tinsel Trading @ 1 W 37th

Karen B

I wanna go!!!!


Wow, what a store, love the color displays for ribbons and laces. These are errands that could get you in a lot of trouble by bringing home bags and bags....xox Corrine


You big lucky! I want to go there! I'm getting the vapors just looking at all that fun stuff. I hear whispers of a fabulous place in Downtown L.A. but no one will spill the beans, meanies. ;)
Enjoy all your goodies!



Jan Fursdon, of Fursdon House

It's a good thing I live in Madison, Alabama and have no intention (at least anywhere near soon) to visit New York City. I'd never leave Tinsel Trading Company! It's a little piece of Heaven on Earth! Talk about temptations! Thanks for sharing! Sorry I drooled all over everything! Jan of Fursdon House

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