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THAT is HYSTERICAL!! I jumped right over, mid-reading, and bought two of the books! I should buy one for each of my girlfriends, but who can afford that!! lol...I feel like "J's" creation is more like a KISS santa??? Don't you think??


I love it! What a great night with friends!


oh. WOW. not sure if i need one of those nights or not--but two weeks in the house with sick kids makes me think SO.
HILARIOUS! the cork mushrooms are pretty awesome, really.

Laura @ 52 FLEA

So glad to see you have a fun night with girlfriends! I am planning to join some girlfriends I haven't seen in months and have a bit of fun myself this weekend...except I probably won't be crafting...junking and shopping are on the agenda (my area of expertise!) I am sure a bit of wine will be part of the weekend as well. Cheers to fun and relaxed times with girlfriends! :)


Love it girlfriends.....


The pee-your-pants version reminds me of a Tina Turner version of the lamb from Kukla. Fran and Ollie. Sounds like a fun night indeed. xox Corrine

Linda Richter

I love it! Gives me an idea for next year's party with a certain group of my friends! You always inspire me, Charlotte...even when you are drinking wine!


bwahahhahahhahaa! you made me laugh out loud, so much fun! J's is the best craft ever - makes me think of a Day of the Dead Ollie (from Kukla, Fran and Ollie) Good times! ;)


Oh I love it!! Sounds like such a great time. These are the parties that get better as the night goes on.
Reminds me of the "educational" wine testing party I had at my house with my church ladies-- which became a wine drinking party and one hilarous evening! Cheers to your great idea! :)

Yvonne Welty

Thanks for sharing the dirty details of your fun night with girlfriends. Now., a man wouldn't understand, just shake his head, but every woman everywhere has had a night like that. If your'e lucky you have them all the time! Merry Christmas! THanks for sharing!!


Oh, that sounds like a ton of fun - wish I had a group like that! lol. I was at Borders the other day & saw the Amy Sedaris book...too funny, especially dressed up as Jesus (pls forgive me, Lord).
Have to say the "night's winner" is hilarious...looks oddly like a puppet from Kukla Fran & Ollie..a bit scary, too. lol.

Troy Louise

OMG! That is hilarious. Anything by Amy Sedaris & wine should be one fun night! Thanks for having the nerve to share. XOX

Maija Lepore

Wine, crafts, friends and Amy- what could be better? Merry Christmas Charlotte!!


I can see you had fun!

Deirdra Doan

Happy smile...thank you for your fun blog!

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