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Absolutely lovely!!


Happy March! Happy, happy Bunnies!!!! So very, very CUTE!


I hope your today is much better than yesterday. Adorable bunny - couldn't fail to win a smile.


Bunny is a wonderful start to Spring. I've almost finished mine and it is just cute as can be. I went a little more simplistic with mine, it's great to see how awesome Bunny looks both ways. Hope today is much better.


Thanks for the free advice!! That cute bunny could turn around anyone's bad sweet!


I love this bunny and basket!

Suzy McQ

Happy March Everybunny! I think we made it through another winter......

Danee Kaplan

very sweet little bunny. I used to have a bunny pet… that is until my sister "borrowed" him and never gave him back. I'm still not sure how that happened but I do know that her kids love him far more than mine ever did so I don't dare ask for him back.

jenny b harris

Super-cute bunny in a basket! I'm feeling spring in the air...

sharon from farm and fru fru

love this! bunnies are my fave.


Girl, you've done gone bunny crazy! I love 'em though!
xo, Cheryl


Hello Charlotte,

This bunny is super cute! Love the colours.

~ Gabriela ~

Cherie Wilson

Love your bunny! Love your saying! Truely was that kind of day for me yesterday as well. So grateful that I can sit down and make. So grateful to see your words here. And the sunshine!
Thinking of you much and your upcoming special day. So much!


How could anyone possible feel dreary seeing this bunny and your basket. Wonderful work Charlotte, so charming. xox Corrine


This is so true! Sometimes you just have to sit down and play. It's amazing how therapeutic art is and how we tend to forget that in our busy world. Love da bunny!




awe, sorry friend. love your bunny and love you too!xop

Zita - Mlle Magpie

A most adorable bunny and basket, Charlotte! Love your words of wisdom too :)

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