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So special! Been a HUGE fan of Mary since early days. I know! Really! And becoming a fan of yours as well. I enjoy your blog and it's bits of inspiration and adorable-ness!


Oh, wow!
So amazingly beautiful.
All of it.

Yvonne Welty

Wow! How wonderful!! I have always loved ME and have every issue of her magazine. I was seriously bummed when it discontinued. What a great friend you have!!


So pretty. What a wonderful friend!


WOW! What a wonderful gift of love from a very Dear Friend! Priceless................

Deb @ Retreat

Not surprising in the least... this confirms what I've always thought: 'There's Something About Mary' that is very generous and very giving! What a treasured friendship! {Blessings to Maggie & James, btw}

[email protected]


What treasures you have! Love the details and I know you treasure the friendship.


Friends like Mary are a special miracle in our lives and yours must be incredibly special. The invitations are amazing! Congratulations to your daughter and her new husband.

PS...Oh, how I miss Home Companion!


Such a friend you have.
Cherish her.


That is just beautiful!


And you knew someone by the name of "Cherry" would enter your life!
Nice story and invitation is a memory!

mary k

A priceless treasure, in deed. Beautiful invitation ~ a gift of love from a very special friend.

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Amazing! How very special, personal and meaningful to you and your girls.
Finding a girlfriend who gets you and who you can share so many things with is a priceless treasure.
Happy wedding planning! :)

Heather - Speckled Egg

So thoughtful and lovely!


NOTHING is better than having great friends. Well maybe great TALENTED friends! Great talented and GENEROUS friends....ok, I'll stop.


That is about as wonderful as it gets! I adore her illustrations!
xo, Cheryl

Connie Hall

Lovely beyond words... kinda weepy here... :)


I don't think it could get any better than that! Seeing those fantastic drawings makes me miss her magazine even more.

linda warlyn

I can't tell you how many of those "I Have News for You" cards I've sent out over the of my all-time favorite ME designs! And now to learn that your Mo was the it even more! We all knew ME was a brilliant artist. It's so nice to learn what a thoughtful friend she has been too. The invitation is absolutely charming and was obviously created with love. xox


Such a wonderful and meaningful invitation - thank you for sharing these memories with us.


How very special! I hope they have a beautiful wedding.


What a beautiful friendship. You are both so fortunate to have found each other.


OMG! Have a wonderful wedding day!


How thoughtful a gift and how lucky you are! Very sweet!

Troy Louise

Oh wow! What an extremely special treat is that - the one & only ME invites for some very special people. You both are so talented. It was truly meant to be for you to be friends. Thanks for sharing. Looks like it's going to be another really fun wedding.

Heidi Woodruff

I love it... "Really!" This is what we crafters do for each other. It's just how we roll! I adore the wedding invitations Mary drew up for your daughter. Absolutely delightful!
Hugs, Heidi

Danee Kaplan

WOW how amazing for you. Its really ironic that you even bring up ME today. I just stumbled on your blog recently so I had no idea you were BFFs with ME. I found you in the current "Inspire" but fell in love with you bunny embroidery. Once upon a time, I embroidered all the time (as a teen) but haven't done any in decades as paper is my current obsession. Something about your designs draws me in…. Here's the kicker…. Just yesterday I was working on some nursing things I had to do for my licensure, wishing I was blog hoping to all my favorite artists blogs when I started a list of things I needed to do then next time had a moment and #2 on the list was see what ME is up to these days. Ironic huh?


What a wonderful treasure Mary's contribution to the wedding is! Love it!!! But I also love the background stories of the other illustrations too." I've got news for you" is one of my favorite ME illustrations and now that I know that Mo was the inspiration it is even more special. All the attention to the tiniest personal details is really what makes Mary's artwork so endearing. Thanks for sharing this post with all of us.


HOLY COW!!!!!!

Linda Thiltgen

So sweet. The attention to detail in Mary's art is amazing! Such a nice post celebrating special friendship. Cheers!


Oh my gracious! It makes me cry. What a wonderful gesture for all of you!

Nancy Wethington

This is beautiful! It's no wonder you've remained friends. You are both amazingly talented and beautiful inside and out!

Nicki Dwyer

I remember those purple sweatpants and definitely remember the bride-to-be's spunk! Thanks for sharing this story. Love it!


Hello Charlotte,

What a wonderful gift for them!

~ Gabriela ~

noodle and lou

oh charlotte how amazing! thanks for sharing with us! xox


That is a wonderful story about lasting friendship!! Congratulations to your daughter too!

holly abston

What special gifts. Art and handmade things are always the best gifts, and even more so when they're for (or of) your children. Sweet.


Wow, that is really special!


So sweet and I'm tearing up - at the story o sweet friendship and all the life changes that happen along the way. Congrats to Maggie and James! :)


OH MY GOODNESS! How special, each one of them. What a sweet friend Mary E has been to you. What a nice story to share, thank you!


What a special friendship and it was so fun to see your daughter grow up right before my eyes Through the eyes of Mary.:) Brings tears to my eyes.

Deb Zoulias

That is amazingly beautiful and wonderful! How lucky are you both!!!


Oh, how lovely...the story, the invitation, the friendship, the photos...just lovely!

Debby Schuh

I love everything about it! What a treasure!


What a treasure! I'm a huge ME fan! What a gorgeous wedding invitation! She's a wonderful friend ... just like you!


Beautiful friendship, beautiful art, and beautiful invitation!!!

Ariane C

Wow! What a great friend. I love the drawings of your girls (but then I love all of Mary's drawings!). The invitations are just beautiful!

Cherie Wilson

Tears of Joy! Truely. All the sentiments and goodness. So much for a heart to hold Dear Charlotte! Good of you to share it all. A blessed week to you! XO

Linda Richter

Oh wow! What a wonderful story of your friendship. I so loved meeting Mary at SB a few years ago....she was not at all like I expected. I loved her even more than I thought I would!!


oh char.
that made me tear up a wee little bit. how sweet and beautiful.

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