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LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! xoxox

Claudia Small

Aww, Charlotte, I'm so glad you survived! Your daughter was a beautiful bride - she looks like you. And you looked gorgeous! Love your dress and pink coat (?). I know you're relieved it's over, but still ... Such sweet memories.


These are wonderful! It looks like a fabulous time was had by all. LOVE her dress!

Suzy McQ

Beautiful, Charlotte. Simply beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing with us all.

Linda Thiltgen

Adorable pictures. Congratulations!!


Congratulations M & J !!! I was thinking of you all weekend and by the smiling faces, I needn't have. Relax and recover, Charlotte!


It looks fabulous...dahling!!
Congratulations, best wishes to all!


amazing pics
congratulations to them
and to you!!


Hello Charlotte,

Congratulations to the bride and groom! It looks like so much fun...nice, nice people.
Everybody looks so happy...and you look "smashing"!

Can't wait to see more...

~ Gabriela ~


Just wonderful! I know you are savoring all the details.


Yay! Yay! Yay! So happy for the whole bunch of you! And now it's time for a loooong nap. Yay!

Danee Kaplan

How flipping' cool are those photos. Amazing memories and fun people.

nicki dwyer

What a fun idea! The bride looks gorgeous, so do Erin and Mo...and you look fantastic. Pretty in pink! Love this. Thanks so much for sharing!

Laura @ 52 FLEA

Pure Joy!
Thanks for giving us a peek into your joy filled day! Looking forward to more pics of this most special occasion and all those beautiful and happy people! :)

sharon from farm and fru fru

ahhh, congrats! so cute all.


I can tell by these pic that it was a fun filled affair. Everyone looks so happy. Anxious to see more.


love love love! xoxo


Everyone looks gorgeous, the dresses, um, to die for. What a great idea with the chalkboards! Cry, laugh, cry. Who needs the royal wedding after this. xox Corrine

Nancy Wethington

Beautiful bride! And that photo booth idea is fab.


The photo booth is FAB! Brilliant Idea!!
Fun and wonderful and you look great, my dear!
The bride is gorgeous, too!

Linda Jo

You all look beautiful!!! Can't wait to see more!

Cherie Wilson

tears! choke! congrats! so fun.....especially smiled at the picture booth frame that has "Have fun" (crossed out) and "Babies" written over it. Sending you rest and Joy dear Charlotte! You did it again:)

connie freedman

congratulations, charlotte to you and your family! love the post, pics and the family!

yvonne welty

How wonderful! Such beautiful, blessed family and friends. I felt happy just looking at the pictures! Thansk for sharing!!!


Congrats-------- even being IN the wedding industry, I still love to look at pics of the happy day! Rest up!


Oh best wishes to the bride and groom, and to all of you! It's looks delightful. I've loved seeing these much happiness, it positively shines.

La Dolce Vita, indded!



Oh, what a beautiful family you all are!
Congratulations to the bride and groom... wishing them all the love two hearts can hold for a lifetime.


 Jean C.

What a great idea!!!!! Too fun!
I'm lov'in the one of the two gals that said, "Have Fun (w/fun crossed out...) and Babies....
Soon! No pressure @ all!!!!
Now you just need to put your feet up... and relaxxxxxxxxx!
Congratulations MoM!

linda warlyn

Just totally enchanting, Charlotte! Thanks for sharing...can't wait for more! xox


Wishing the happy couple "una vita dolce" always. xo

Theresa in oklahoma

So happy for your daughter and family. Great pic's what fun :)

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Congratulations!!! The photo booth photos are so wonderful! Looks like it was definitely a fun wedding, Charlotte.

Heidi Woodruff

Every single photo brought a smile to my face. Congratulations on your new son-in-law/love! How sweet he and your daughter look, so happy. May God bless their marriage greatly!
Hugs, Heidi
(Loved the chalkboard sign, Have fun-babies...soon!)


those are so great! what fun!!

Geralyn Gray

Great idea for the the chalkboard.....and the nuetral colors......and the boys picture of the bride and groom.....Priceless!!!!!!!!


awww... how sweet!!! You can definitely feel the love :) Dig the props for the booth!

jenny b harris

What wonderful memories... all captured to bring out again and again!


A smile booth ~ what a clever idea! The photos will be treasured by this sweet young couple. Congratulations to the bride and groom. ~ Sarah


Congratulations...It looks like everyone had a blast...those pics are too cute...and the little boy is sooo adorable..;O)


I'm so happy for all of you. Everyone looks happy and beautiful. xo

Katsui Jewelry

Wonderful, Charlotte! The happiness oozes out of those pictures. You (and your daughters) look beautiful!


so beautiful everyone is, and so charming and I'm crying!!!


Wonderful and cute photos. What a great idea.......but couldn't someone have pressed the drape first????? (Sorry, I blame the Home Ec. teacher in me)


What beautiful pictures - just shows how much fun everyone was having!


what wonderful joyous photographs of the wedding. yes, la dolce vita indeed. you must be so happy.

i ran into one of your books on my bookshelf the other day. iwas so surprised. i must have bought it when i didn't even know your blog. funny how one is miraculously drawn to certain people. i was a fan back then and i continue a fan. you are lovely to be around.


Congratulations. Wonderful post. I am a believer of the small wedding BIG marriage.

Becky L.

How fun! Congratulations on your new son in law. I pray the new couple have a wonderful life together. Love the photos! Thanks for sharing!

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