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very beautiful!!


Isn't it funny when you do a piece of work for someone, and you think about them while doing it, that you actually imbue parts of them in it? How sweet that your mom asked for it. And like you said, you can always make another. Have a lovely day. - Cheers, Kathy

Susan M.

I think this is your best sampler yet. Will you make me one too? ;)


So sweet--the story and the sampler!


It's perfect in every way! And it's really quite lovely that your Mum asked for it, isn't it? Made me smile.

Suzy McQ

Beautiful, Charlotte. Love in every stitch......


most gorgeous embroidery! i recently went to the quilt show here in paducah ky and found fabric crayons to use to shadow color to fill in my embroidery... pretty cool effect ... :)

Claudia Small

Can't wait to stitch this one! It's beautiful.

I was in my first embroidery class yesterday, working on your house sampler. Everyone in the class loved it wanted to know about it, so I shared your website. If you notice some buyers from Oklahoma, it's because of your sampler in this class!

Heidi Woodruff

I love your HOME stitching! You are so talented! The little doggie just makes it say, "you're home".

Monica Fullerton

I just love this story... so sweet. You are so lucky to have your mother to celebrate Mother's Day with... sounds like a good day. Can't wait to get my sampler!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

What a sweet Mother's Day story, Charlotte. So happy your Mum will now have your little labour of love to keep for herself :)


So sweet. I love the stitchery. And also loved seeing the photo of you with your mom and girls. Lovely ladies, all!


How pretty. Both the sampler and the story make me smile.


adorable. i love that your mom asked for it!
sighing over dogwood blooms in MAY. :)happy mother's day, a few days late.


Beautiful story to go with your gorgeous stitching, Charlotte!


I really love this house, Miss Charlotte....
How wonderful that your mom asked to have it....
THAT is the highest of compliments, isn't it?

Your life seems so perfect right now. How nice it must be to be you - lucky lady!!
I absolutely love what you do.......and you make a lot of people very happy.


Troy Louise

Love your sampler & your sweet story. Hugs.

sharon from farm and fru fru

bless your heart this is just so fetching! i love love love the long does it take you to do this much stitching?! i am so slow!


The sampler is beautiful-----and the part about your mom asking for it just melts my heart! Can't wait to get mine-- I love the stitches on the roof!!

linda warlyn

I'm so glad your mom is enjoying's as sweet as sugar candy and makes me happy just to look at it! BRAVO! xox

Cherie Wilson

I agree, sweet as sugar.......your family,story, and your heart art! Happy stitching away the rest of May!


Thanks for sharing your story and picture with us Charlotte. Yours turned out beautiful. Love the colors you used. Can't wait to get started on mine. Take care!


So cute! I just ordered mine. :)

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