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Beautiful sweet post! :)


Hello Charlotte,

Love this post and photos!
It's been raining here badly with strong winds at times since last weekend...And it cool down to the point we are wearing our boots and jackets again! I wish it will end soon...need to see the sunshine.

~ Gabriela ~


Beautiful - the post, the sentiment, the spring day. What a lovely way to spend time with your mom.


How sweet. You are so good to your family.

Claudia Small

Love this poignant post. You're so lucky to have a mother you love and who, obviously, loves you dearly.


I agree with the previous poster - you are very lucky indeed to have a mother you love so much and who loves you so dearly too! I can only imagine.


As usual Charlotte a very lovely post! So nice to hear about your Mom!! We have had tons of rain here in PA too. At least another day of it. But the sun is around the corner.
I dearly love the Redbud. Three years ago my landscaper told me that the Redbud is called the Judas tree. He said just as you have fallen in love with it, it often dies for no obvious reason.
We had a gorgeous one right behind our patio, must have been 12 feet high. Then last spring I noticed it was taking a bit long to flower...and then only one or two branches flowered. And just like that it was gone.


What a lovely farm and a beautiful memory that you will no doubt treasure forever! Thanks for sharing!


LOVE red buds, too. There was a little group of red buds, lilacs and irises together on one of my regular paths to get home. It made me smile everyday, but I never seemed to remember my camera.... sigh.
I have two red bud trees in front of my studio, but they are not as beautiful as most of the ones I see around town. They are all over Austin, too, and are fabulous right next to blooming bluebonnets - wow.
The Stone Barn complex looks wonderful. What a great day...xo

Kristin Nicholas

What a great day! Memory making for sure.


I love when you share with us the time you spend with your mom. It is precious. Enjoy dear one.


Thank you for reminding me about Stone Barns, Charlotte. Haven't been there since early last year. I would like to take my own mom this weekend but instead we are having "Mini Easter" at my house since I didn't get to spend it with her or my youngest. Recreating it in all its food glory - ham, deviled eggs, and "bunny cake".


Hi Charlotte,
We've had lots of rain here in Michigan as well, and a pop-up pond appeared at the back of our yard. A pair of mallards are raising 8 little ducklings there now! What fun to watch!
I'm glad you are enjoying the springtime with your mom. Last year we had an early spring, which was fortunate as my mom passed away in May, but not before we enjoyed the blossoms of spring together. It has given me special memories, as I'm sure the outing with your mom will be cherished by you. What a beautiful post.


thank you...that made my heart smile!

nicki dwyer

What a coincidence...I heard the chef from Stone Barns on NPR yesterday morning waxing poetic about carrots, of all things. Anyway, it reminded me of our trip there, Charlotte, and what fun that was. So glad you soldier on with your mother. It sounds like it was a wonderful day for all of you.

Garden Tools

Beautiful post. Wishing there were lambs. But still enjoying all your other photos. Looks as though you two had an awesome day!

Theresa in oklahoma

I appreciate you sharing your story,I lost my mom when she was only 63,and one of my funny memories is when she was in a wheelchair and we took her to the zoo.So glad we did that.Those are precious memories.Enjoy.

Karen B

What a lovely day! Your Mother is very blessed to have you close by. What a sweet daughter you are. Redbud trees are my favorite as well. I grew up in Kansas City. Now I live in Southern California and gardening isn't at all the same. There are no Spirea either! I did just discover a beautiful tree called the Western Redbud. It wasn't even in bloom, but I could tell it was a redbud. The leaves are the same, but curly. It's now on my list for my new bare yard! Have a lovely day.

Farmgirl Susan

What a beautiful day - and a wonderful series of photos. Sorry to hear there weren't any lambs, and while I know it's not the same as seeing them bouncing in person, I thought I'd offer you a little scroll through our spring lambing season:

Enjoy! I'll scoop a few up and give them a snuggle for you, if you like. ;)


I hope someday my children love me enough when I'm old and grey to make that extra effort for me. What a beautiful gift.

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